Monday, December 12, 2011

The Big 24!

Welp, today is my 24th Birthday! The crazy thing is that it doesn't even feel like my Birthday. Is that what happens when you get older and don't have parties and stuff? I guess that also happens when you are super busy and have other things that you are planning and really looking forward too, like oh I don't know, this little thing called a WEDDING!!

The fiance and a couple of our friends are taking me to Red Robin for dinner for my free Birthday burger, whoop whoop! I am way excited for this! I can already taste the bacon burger, yum! The fiance also bought me these really pretty flowers. I love them. Especially the butterfly in them. He knows me all too well!

I have already started the whole, "It's my Birthday Week" bit too, haha! Poor Aran! We have never done the whole Birthday Week thing, but we decided to give it a go this year(this was more my idea of course). Knowing me I will probably forget about half way through the week. That's okay though, because Aran has already more than spoiled me. He made me breakfast this morning, bought me flowers, bought me concert tickets to the best concert ever and he is taking me to dinner, so I am a pretty happy girl! 

Well, it is time to get back to work(the one downside of my birthday, I had to go to work, booooo) Except that my co-workers did surprise me with a red velvet cake, can you say delicious? So I guess I can't be too angry about going to work today, haha!

I hope that everyone had a great weekend and be sure to look for my giveaway this week!



  1. Happy Happy Birthday! Hope the burger was delicious!!

  2. Happy Birthday! I Love RED ROBIN!! MMMMHMMMM!!

  3. Happy Birthday! Your flowers are gorgeous and that cake looks yummy!!

  4. happy belated birthday!! WE have the same birthday month! :) (you do get a whole MONTH ya know!)'re such a little youngin'...sigh...I wanna be 24 again! :) :)


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