Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Great Ring Debacle of 2011

!WARNING! This post is a little long, sorry! But I just have so much to say about this topic!

With a little under two weeks to go until the wedding, the Fiance' and I decided it was time to take my rings in to be sautered together. When we bought our bands in October, we decided not to have my band sized yet because it just seemed easier to have it sized when it was sent off to be put together with my engagement ring. We did however have Aran's ordered in the right size.

So the afternoon before we headed over to Helzberg, I told Aran that I wanted him to try his ring back on and make sure that it still fit. For most guys this wouldn't have been an issue, except that my Fiance', Aran, decided that he was going to go on this thing called the Abs Diet before our wedding and has since lost almost 20 lbs. 20 lbs!! I didn't even think that he had 20 lbs to lose. He is already really tall and a skinny minny, but apparently there was 20 lbs in there to lose. And shouldn't it be me worrying about losing weight before our wedding? You would think, but definitely not the case. I figured that I ordered the dress in the size that I was at the time and losing weight would just cost more money when alterations came around, so I didn't even bother.

Anywho, when we went to Helzberg, the guy that was helping us informed us that the ring that we had originally picked out for Aran couldn't be sized because of the type of design that was in it. So the only option was to order a new one in his size. The only problem with this option was that we weren't guaranteed to have the ring back in time for the wedding. Apparently you have to send the old one back to get the new one. I was about to lose it at this point. The guy helping us then told us that what we should do is keep the ring we have and place a ring guard on it and then after the wedding come back in and order Aran a new one in the right size.

Aran's Wedding Band that we picked
out in October

Well, again I was about to absolutely lose it because this just didn't seem right to me. It didn't seem right that we would get married and take our vows with this ring and then turn around and get him a different one. I want us to have the rings that we will be wearing for the rest of our lives on our wedding day. And to not have that ring would be really upsetting to me. Hence why I was about to lose it.

Luckily, Jeanelle, the lady that helped us pick out my engagement ring and our bands, who I absolutely LOVE, came back from her lunch at this point. I think she sensed that something was wrong and she came over and pretty much told the guy to get lost and that she was now going to be taking care of us. Thank you Jeanelle!! We told her what was going on and she said that we should at least try to get the new one here on time and keep the old one at the same time so that if the new one didn't get here on time, we would still have something. I still wasn't real pleased about this, but it was a better option than not having one at all.

Well she was working on putting everything in the computer for mine to be sent off and then she was working on getting Aran's new one ordered when she was having issue's finding the correct SKU for his. This was starting to worry me. She was telling us that it almost seemed like it had been discontinued or something. Great! So she said that she would put in a call to the designer tomorrow and get everything figured out. Well at this point I was more than a little worried and I wanted to have a back up plan. So I asked Jeanelle if we could pick out another ring for Aran just in case that one was discontinued. She was very much okay with this. She wanted to help us in anyway possible, so I think she thought this was a great idea.

So we walked over to the case with the bands and in the case were some new bands that we had never seen. Something that I need to explain is that Aran has long slender fingers. A lot of people refer to them as surgeon fingers or pianist fingers because they are so long and slender. So when we were picking out his band in October we were looking for bands that weren't so big and bulky because they just look ridiculous on his finger. So when we saw these bands, I pointed them out to him because they were thinner than his ring he already had. He put one of them on and he looked at me and said, "I like this ring a lot better than the one that we originally picked out." Jeanelle looked at us and told us that if we liked this one more, that this was a ring that could be sized and she could have it back to us the same time that mine came back which is the 30th!

We discussed it and Aran decided that he liked the second ring much better, so we went ahead and exchanged the rings and we will now have both of our rings cleaned, sized, put together and ready to go for our wedding day. I was actually very surprised that he picked out the first ring that he did in October. The one he picked out yesterday was way more what I thought he would have picked out and I am glad that he is happy with it.

The New Ring that Aran picked out

So the Great Ring Debacle of 2011 as it turns out, worked out very well for us. I guess that other ring just wasn't meant to be.

Did you have any issue with sizing rings? How early did you take your rings in to be sized and cleaned?



  1. oh my gosh Megan! I'm so sorry you had to stress about rings!...I couldn't even find my wedding band for the ceremony. I put it some place to keep safe. And it was safely there for about a month after the wedding when Alex found it. lol. But I did bawl for about a day when I couldn't find it. All I had was my engagement band when we were married. :P

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  3. Veronica, I had no idea that happened. You should have told us, we would have searched that house up and down those few days before, haha!

  4. I'm glad everything worked out and you found a band that he liked better. I've heard there are rings out there for men that can't be sized so I will have to make sure my hubby-to-be gets a ring that can be sized so we don't run into issues like this.

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