Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Licensed to Wed

I have been horrible about posting things on the same day or day after they have happened, but there is just so much going on that I just haven't had the time. Sorry guys! So today I am going to tell you about what took place last Thursday(I know! An entire week ago, haha!)

Last Thursday the Fiance' and I took the afternoon off to go run a few errands. The biggest errand on that list? Getting our Marriage License! I was pretty excited about this. I thought it would be fun and start making this whole wedding thing more official. We went to one of the three or four locations in our town where you can buy a Marriage License. We walked in and there was no wait at all. The lady at the front door handed us a number and as soon as we walked in, our number was called. So we sat down at the counter, gave them our $30 and our information and within ten minutes we had a Marriage License.

It is exciting that we finally have this taken care of, but it definitely was not as thrilling or exciting as I was hoping it was going to be, haha! But I did manage to get the "We just got our Marriage License" picture. We took a few once we got out into the car. The Fiance' was not very happy with me because I kept making us retake it because I didn't like how it looked, haha! Typical girl right? This was the best that I could get, so it will have to do.

So there you have it, we are officially licensed to wed in the state of Colorado! I am so excited that everything is finally starting to fall into place. I can't wait until the 7th when we can officially be married!

Did you take the "We just got our Marriage License" picture? Were you excited to go do this part?


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