Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The Ceremony

Everybody was dressed. Our guests were all in their seats. We were all lined up and ready to go. It was finally time for the Ceremony to begin. My nerves and excitement definitely started getting the best of me at this point. While my Dad and I were standing in the church hallway waiting to go in, I started tearing up and getting very emotional. Luckily my Mom was still out in the hallway and ran and got me some tissues so that I wouldn't mess up my make up.

Everyone started processing in. This was it. It was finally time to walk down that aisle. All those months of planning were behind us and it was time for all of it to finally happen. The last people in our bridal parties entered the church and the doors closed behind them. It was my turn to walk in. The doors opened again and my Dad and I started walking in. All I can remember is seeing how beautiful the church was when I first walked in. It was insane. And then I could see all of our guests looking my way. And then all I could see was my soon to be Hubby's handsome face. All I could do was smile at this point.

My Brother & my Nieces

My brother and my Mom! She looked so pretty!

Once my Dad and I made it down the aisle everything seemed to kind of drag on from there. I had only ever been to one Catholic wedding prior to ours and I didn't realize how long they really were. I mean a normal mass is long and then you add in the sacrament of marriage? Whoa!! I'm not going to lie, it was extremely hard to concentrate on what was going on. I really was trying to be good and pay attention, but I just kept thinking to myself, "Can we get to the marriage stuff yet?" I'm horrible, I know!

Our ceremony was soooo long, that our Ring Bearer and our youngest Flower Girl both fell asleep.

We eventually got through the mass part and got on to the good stuff. Again, I'm horrible, I promise, I am well aware. We exchanged vows. I didn't cry at all! I was so proud of myself. The cool thing about this is that everyone that was there told us that as soon as we started exchanging our vows, it started snowing outside! Good luck? I think yes!

We exchanged rings which was pretty funny considering that the Father marrying us tried to give Aran his ring to give to me, haha!

And finally we shared our first kiss as husband and wife! 

We lit the unity candle together. And I managed to not catch myself, my dress or anything else around us on fire. That was a huge success!

 And we signed our marriage license. Another funny story here. The best man almost signed on the wrong line. He almost signed on the Groom's line. That could have been interesting. In his defense, the lines were a little out of order, but what are you gonna do.

Me pointing out that he was getting ready to sign on the wrong line. 

That was it! We were married! I could not have been more excited! It was now time to exit the church as a newly married couple! 


Overall, as most of our guests will tell you, it was a very long ceremony, but I am so happy with how it went. Nobody tripped, or said the wrong name during the vows. No one came running and screaming into the church to stop us from getting married, nothing! It was perfect! Well, unless you count me having a coughing attack in the middle of everything not perfect, but whatevs! It was a great moment that I will remember and cherish for the rest of my life!

Me in the middle of my coughing fit!

Did anything out of the ordinary happen during your ceremony? What do you remember most about your ceremony?


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  1. EEk Goosebumps! You are gorgeous! And I have to agree, Catholic wedding ceremonies last FOREVER!

  2. All of your people looked sooo great, and of course sooo did you! I didn't cry at our ceremony either, I think I was the only one! I could hear all the sniffling coming from behind me and all my BM's too!

  3. Looks like a great day! You look amazing!

  4. I especially love the shots of you walking down the aisle and then back up!! Your dress is SO gorgeous, and you looked amazing!

  5. I'm so glad it went so well! Everything looks gorgeous - Aron's face is so cute when you're walking down the aisle, you look gorgeous and the Church looks AMAZING! I love how it's still decorated for Christmas it looks so pretty!


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