Friday, April 13, 2012

Getting Dressed: The Flower Girls

Once we arrived at the church after getting our hair & make-up done, it was time to start getting everyone dressed. My dress had yet to arrive, so I started getting my flower girls ready to go.

Some of you may remember these adorable dresses that I picked out for my two nieces to wear on this big day. If not, then just take a look for yourself and see just how freaking cute they are.

We started off by getting them in the slips that we bought them. When we had the girls try these dresses on when we got them, they said that they were kind of itchy so we bought them each a slip to try and help with that. And can I just say that we went to probably 5 different stores just to find these said slips. Apparently a lot of places don't sell them anymore. Really? Who would of thought it would be so difficult to find something so basic as a slip to go underneath a dress?

Anyways, once we had them in their slips and their adorable glitter flats that I spoke of in another post, it was time to get them in their dresses. This sounds easy enough, but it really wasn't. These dresses were so staticy because of the tulle and the dry weather that if you barely touched one of the layers, it would start sticking up. But we did manage to get them in them. And then we proceeded to try and wipe them down with dryer sheets and spray them with hairspray to keep the staticy-ness to a minimum.

Spraying them down with hair spray

I have to say though, even with all of the staticy-ness, they still looked damn cute in these! And my nieces were such troopers throughout this whole process.

Once they were all wiped and sprayed down, they were ready to go walk down that aisle and be the cutest flower girls ever. I'm not biased at all, I promise!

Did you have flower girls? What did you have them wear?


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