Friday, April 6, 2012

Getting Ready-Hair & Make Up

I woke up the morning of the wedding around 6 am. I had a really great night of sleep surprisingly.  I think the cold medicine helped with that. Did I mention that I had been sick for the two weeks leading up to the wedding? Yeah! I was sick for the second time within a 6 week period. It sucked! Any who, I woke up and hopped in the shower. I had decided to stay at my Mom's hotel with her and my Step Dad the night before so my Mom was also up and getting around.

After my shower, my Mom drove me over to Aran's parents house where my hair and make up lady, Emily, was waiting on me. Once we got inside the house, Emily got started on my hair. While she was doing that, Aran's Mom was serving breakfast for all of us. She always makes these really yummy breakfast egg bakes. It was so good. So I ate while my hair was being done and while I waited for my girls to show up.

My girls showed up around 9 with Starbucks in hand! They know me all too well! Once they got something to eat they started on their own hair and make up. They all opted to do their own. I didn't have a preference for their hair so I let them pick what they wanted to do. I also gave each of them their gifts while they were getting ready. They all loved their slippers like I told you guys before and they all put them on immediately and didn't take them off until later that day.

While my hair was setting, I just sat at the table with my girls and we talked and laughed for quite a while. It was a really nice stressful free morning. It was exactly what I needed. This was about the time that the photographers showed up as well. We got everything for them to photograph(dress, shoes, jewelry, etc.) and then let them do their thing.

Once my curls were done setting, Emily went to work on my hair again. I hate to say that I was disappointed with my hair because it didn't look bad, but it wasn't quite what she had done during our trial so I was a little frustrated with it. I kept telling her what I wanted and she kept telling me she would fix it, but she never did. I felt like I could have done my hair myself and liked it much more. And I wouldn't have had to pay for it. Just saying.

It was now time for make up. We never did a make up trial, which was stupid on my part, but we never had time for it. My make up wasn't bad either, but again, I felt like I could have done it myself or my bridesmaid Veronica could have done it and it would have looked a hell of a lot better than what I paid for. Oh well. Not much I can do about it now.

After we were all done with our hair and make up, it was time to head off to the church so that we could get dressed and ready for the ceremony. We grabbed all of our stuff and packed ourselves in a few cars and headed to the church.

Thanks for stopping by today everyone. I will have more recaps for you next week. Have a great weekend!

Did you have any regrets about your hair and make up? Did you do your hair and make up yourself?


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  1. Sorry that you didn't like your hair! I thought it looked fabulous! But I also know that I'm my own worst critic so I can imagine how you feel!

  2. you looked great!...but next time, jk. I am free to beautify you whenever you are next in Alaska. lol. I miss you greatly! Love you lady.


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