Thursday, March 7, 2013

Salt Lake City!!!

A week from tomorrow, I will be heading to Salt Lake City with two of my best friends. Roadtrip!!

We leave next Friday for a fun filled soccer weekend. We are making the 10 hour trip all the way to Salt Lake City to see the Colorado Rapids game. Why? Because we can and because we might be kind of crazy. And probably because we actually know one of the players on the team. 

Of course with a road trip, there is a little bit of planning involved. Not a lot, but a little. We have to start planning out what kind of snacks to bring in the car, where we should make our stops to eat and get gas, etc. And of course one of the more important things, what we should pack. And for my friend Kristen, the packing part is always a little difficult without my help. 

Ever since we were in High School and going to Cheerleading Camp, Kristen has always required my help to pack for trips. Why? Because if I don't help, she forgets lots of things. So I found this conversation rather funny.

Like I stated, I have already started the packing list. And next week, you better believe, I will probably be at her house Thursday night before we leave, making sure she has everything. What are friends for, right?

I am really excited for this trip. This is the first road trip I have been on since College. And to tell you the truth, I kind of miss this type of thing. Driving for hours, listening to music, the ridiculous conversations, all of it. So it will definitely be nice to have a fun weekend like this. Especially with how crazy things have been lately. It will be a nice break away from everything.



  1. Road trips are so much fun! You will have a blast.

  2. That sounds like a blast! Where are you coming from? I'm from Denver and live in Salt Lake now! :) My brother loves the rapids and rented a bus with a bunch of friends/fans and road tripped to watch them play last year.

  3. ROADIE!!! That sounds awesome! I hope the weather is good for you!

  4. ROADIE!!! That sounds awesome! I hope the weather is good for you!

  5. sooo jealous, this sounds like so much fun!! That's so sweet that you have such a close friend that you always just pack for her. There's nothing better than a weekend away with girlfriends sometimes. Can't wait to hear all about it!


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