Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Ropes

In my quest to become a healthier version of me, I have started trying new things. And one thing I have always wanted to try was this rope exercise that they do on the Biggest Loser all the time. So Monday, I finally did it. 

And let me just say that it is not as easy as it looks. Those ropes are freaking heavy. I did this three times for 30 seconds each time. And by the end of my set of three, my arms were killing me. I could barely lift them after that. It was like having noodles for arms. 

But guess what? I want to do it again. And again. And again. I want to be able to go for longer periods of time. And I want my arms to not feel like jello after only 30 seconds. 

I will get there. I am determined! It's amazing how changing the way that you eat and exercising changes your mind set about what you can do. 

Have any of you ever done this exercise? What did you think of it?



  1. Such a great exercise!!! Iv done it a few times and it killed but totally worth it!!!! We go to the gym a lot so I do more of that stuff. Not that I cant do my own thing but I like to add things that biggest loser shows too.

  2. so cool!! No, I've never tried this exercise but now I want to!

  3. they have this at my gym, and when i first saw it i thought it would be cake... WRONG. I used to dread them, but I'm getting better. An awesome workout for sure!


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