Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Weekend Recap

It's a day late, but it happens. 

Friday after work I had a session with my trainer. He absolutely killed my legs! Killed them! After I was done there, I went home and picked up the Husband and we went and grabbed some food from Garbanzo. Yum! After that I drug took the Husband to TJ Maxx with me so that I could search for a shirt for our family pictures that were on Sunday. He was bored within five minutes. And out of all the shirts I tried on for our pictures, I didn't buy a single one. I did however find a really cute long sleeve shirt for work. Not at all what I went in there for, but oh well! I also bought my first Halloween decoration for the year!! Eeeekkkk! It's going to be here before you know it!

Saturday I pulled myself out of bed at around 7:30, even though my legs were screaming at me. I got some breakfast and then headed to Sprouts to do some grocery shopping. I finished up there, dropped the groceries off at home and then headed to Zumba. Holy hell! I thought my legs were sore before, pfffff! She decided to do leg intense songs and I thought I was going to die. It was still a great workout. 

After Zumba was done I went to Old Navy to look for a shirt for our pictures once again and I FINALLY found something that I liked in the right color! It only took me three weeks. After finally being successful in my shirt hunt, I finished up the rest of our grocery shopping at King Soopers and then headed home to get ready to go to a BBQ.

After I got my side dishes ready and took a shower and got myself ready, I headed out East to my friends house. It was a great BBQ. Lots of food (I ate way too much) great conversations, and great people! It was a blast! I didn't end up leaving there until about 11 pm, so by the time I drove back into town, it was almost midnight by the time I got home. I was exhausted and my legs were really sore, so I headed straight to bed.

Sunday morning I decided that I needed to get out and go do something for a workout. I had planned on going and doing the Incline since they are closing it in a few weeks, but my legs were hurting so bad that I knew that probably wasn't the best idea. So instead I headed out to Red Rocks Canyon Open Space and hiked and ran the trails for a good two hours. It was a perfect morning for this! It was beautiful, and nice and cool.

After my hike/run I met my Brother and his family for a little bit and went school clothes shopping with them for my Nieces. I bought them each an outfit. They were excited about them. I remember being excited about back to school shopping. Yes, I was that weird kid that loved buying new school supplies and clothes for school.

After we parted our ways we all headed home to get ready for our family pictures. We were supposed to do them two weeks ago but they got cancelled due to the rain. And guess what? They got cancelled again because of the rain. I'm beginning to think that we are never going to get them done. But we have re-scheduled them again for this Sunday and we are going to try and do them in the morning before the afternoon storms roll in.

Since pictures were cancelled, the Husband and I spent the rest of our day laying on the couch watching The Office. It was rainy and gloomy and it was the perfect way to spend such a day. I may have even taken a couple hour nap. It was amazing. After my nap, I got up, made some dinner and then spent the rest of the evening doing nothing. It was a great way to end a busy weekend.


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