Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I'm Horrible

I have been a horrible blogger lately. Sorry guys! Work has been insane and we have been going to the gym a lot after work so I haven't been around my computer much. Things should start slowing down here though so hopefully I can get back into blogging.

Our photographers emailed us last week and our proofs are up online right now. For the most part they turned out pretty good. There are still a few pics that I am not happy with, but what can you do. Now we just need to sit down and go through the pictures and pick out which ones we would like them to do more editing with. I need to get that done tonight actually. Once that is done we will pay them the rest of the money and then they will send us a disc with all of the images and then the recaps can begin. Woohoo!!

I will try to be better about posting. Sorry again guys! Hope you are enjoying your week so far!



  1. My blogging has slowed down too and you deserve a nice break! Once you have all your pictures in hand, you'll have LOTS to talk about :)


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