Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Wedding Withdrawal: Guest Post from Laura at "Saying I Do"

Hey everyone! I hope everyone's week is going well so far. I have another great guest post for you today. Laura from "Saying I Do" is here to talk about something that most people probably don't think about until it happens. Enjoy everyone and I will hopefully be back soon with some more details about our big day!

Hi guys, I'm Laura from "Saying I Do" and I'm so excited to be blogging for Megan today! I got married in May, and I have had a blast counting down the days to Megan's wedding: I know just how exciting this time is for her!

After our wedding, my husband was driving me home from the train station after work in silence. We hadn't fought, there was no tension between us, there was just...nothing to say. Finally, Chris said "So...what do we have to plan next for the wedding?" I immediately burst out laughing! It was painstakingly obvious: After two years...that was all we knew how to talk about! It's sad, but our lives had been a constant array of appointments, decision making, planning and discussions and then, all in one day...it's just over. Done. Just like that.


On one hand: I missed the excitement - the thrill and anticipation of what our day would ultimately be like. Every decision mattered, every step brought us closer and closer. On the other hand, it was nice to finally relax. I think every bride can agree that by the end, we are all just ready for the wedding to be over so normal life can resume.


Of course conversation has resumed in our household, now we ask each other how our days were, we talk about our future together, not just our future wedding, and there is always something to talk about or share when it comes to our puppy Zoey!

Yes, we did have to sort of "re-learn" what to talk about, but in these months following our wedding we have definitely grown as a couple and have had real, strong conversations about things that matter much more in the long ran than what kind of cake to serve on our wedding day. 

Congratulations to Megan and Aran!! May you have a lifetime of happiness, good health, constant love, and endless conversation!


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