Monday, October 15, 2012

Just Checking In

Hey guys! Just wanted to stop in and say hi real quick. As most of you know, the Hubby and I are on our Honeymoon in Orlando, FL!!

So far we have spent two days at Disney World and have been having an absolute blast. I will tell you guys all about our trip when we get back. Trust me, I am taking tons of pictures!

Any who, I have a couple people guest blogging for me this week. I will have those up on Tuesday and Thursday. And of course I will be back next week. Hopefully with some recaps of our trip, but depending on how much time I have, who knows. I will try my best though.

I hope you guys had a great weekend and have a great rest of your week!


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  1. OMG! Did I ever send you my guest post? I am SO sorry if I didn't. I have no brain! Why didn't you remind me! Haha. Hope you are having fun!!


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