Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Favorite Fall Looks: A Guest Post from Natalie

Hey guys. First up with the guest posts is Natalie from Bells and Bows! Natalie and I both got married in January so we have been newlyweds for almost the same amount of time. I have really enjoyed reading about her wedding and her new life and I hope you guys love her blog as much as I do!

Hi to all, and thank you to Megan for having me as a guest on your blog!  My name is Natalie and I am a long time follower of Megan’s blog.  I am excited to be here, for my first guest post ever.  I started following Megan’s blog when I started blogging for my own January wedding, and have enjoyed reading all about her wedding and newlywed life!

As Megan posted in her Friday Letters post, Autumn is approaching! It is time to trade in those tank tops for sweaters!!  I cannot be more thrilled because I abhor the summer heat of Texas and who doesn’t love a good cozy sweater?? In honor of the cool weather I thought I would share with you my favorite fall outfits from pinterest! 

I have learned so much about my style from what I pin on pinterest.  I call it ‘Inspired by Zooey Deschanel if she had to work in corporate America’.  You could also probably call it ‘I wish I could buy everything Anthropologie sells’.  Either way.  Oddly, I don’t dress stylishly AT ALL in real life.  I chalk it up to wanting to spend the least amount of money on something as frivolous as clothing, not having a hot body, and working at a job where if you dress in a business casual manner everyone assumes you are going on a job interview on your lunch hour.  Plus I usually never want to wear high heels, jewelry, anything that needs ironing.  So I maybe could be very fashion forward one day if I weren’t so lazy, lol.  It is a conundrum for sure. 



The thing that sells me on this look is the ruching on the sleeve and that collar.  Plus I just adore anything with stripes.  I tip my hat to those who can effortlessly mix brown and black in one look.  Love!


Can the colors of this look get more fab??  Love the ruffled top, love the bracelet, really love the shoes.  Only thing is the bag, I could take it or leave it. 


Cranberry is quintessential fall, am I right?  I love the use of it as pops of color rather than the main event.  It seems like this look would be easy to create with some basics you already probably have (minus cranberry shoes, maybe).  This outfit also inspires me to wear watches more often.



This color green is so gorgeous to me, and how cute is that top??  Honorable mentions for the shoes and the bag!


I.LOVE.MUSTARDYELLOW.   So much.  I could probably do a post of my top 10 mustard yellow outfits from pinterest, but I assume most people don’t enjoy that weirdness as much as I do…  I need that coat.  Probably the bag too.


This outfit looks most like something I might actually wear.  I think pastels in cool weather are divine, and this outfit kind of shows how to make it work with looking like you missed the memo that Labor Day happened.  I could see myself in this while strolling through the mall Christmas shopping or a day at the apple orchard.  Those plaid shoes with the scarf are too cute.  Just the right about of ‘preppy’. 

Well there you have it, my favorite looks for the fall!  If you like what you see, you can follow me on Pinterest by clicking on the button below.

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Or I blog infrequently at http://bellsandbows.blogspot.com while I am waiting patiently to get my wedding pictures from my photographer…

Thank you again to Megan, and I hope you and Aran are having an awesome time on your Honeymoon!


  1. I LOVE FALL CLOTHING!!!! I can't wait! This was awesome Natalie.

  2. UGH, can someone please go shopping and get me EACH of these outfits?!??! :) I love fall and all the layering you can do!

  3. I hit enter too soon - ya I think I have the same "problem" with clothes. I can tell you what will work, what doesn't, what is awesome and amazing, but then I go shop at Ross and TJ Maxx and my style is dictated by how much I am willing to spend. "$11.99 for this shirt? But do I LOVE it? Eh...putting back on rack" Ya, I'm THAT cheap. These collections are great though, you find some good ones.

  4. I am so with you, Amy! My closet and budget gets me Ross and TJ Max shirts + black work pants and black flats. Sort of like an adult version of garanimals...
    A girl can dream though, right? lol


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