Thursday, October 18, 2012

Guest Post: Mrs. Bear

Next up in the guest posts is Mrs. Bear. She has gone through a lot of the same stuff that I have in the last year, like buying a house, so her blog has been a great read for me. And she is also getting Married in November! How exciting! Enjoy!

Hi everyone! I'm Mrs. Bear, from over at Life... And Everything About It. I'm fairly new to the blogging world, so I welcome everyone over to read my blog!

I figured what better way to share a little bit about myself than to share a few facts about me! So here we go with a few facts about me!

1. I'm getting married November 2nd! We are booking everything last minute because of fact number 2, so things are a little crazier than most wedding planning! Our wedding plans have been up and down and up and down throughout the engaged time, and you can read about the madness here.
I have personally designed our save the dates and invitations, which I am very proud of... here are our save the dates!

2. We just closed on our first home! On September 7th, we closed on our home! This was quite the ordeal, and I truly hope that we do not have the same experience the next time around! You can read about that debacle here. We haven't completely unpacked or moved in, so no house pictures are up yet, but they will come eventually!

3. I coach a local color guard team. As they are a group of high school students, I do not blog about them a lot, but I do love them, and they might start to make an appearance on the blog a bit more.

4. I am a Zeta Tau Alpha and proud of it! I joined when I was a sophomore in college and I loved every minute of it! I have two littles and have an ever-expanding family line! I am so proud of them! I lived with a sister my last two years of college and I cannot believe how much I miss her! Here is the two of us on our last formal recruitment!

5. I love couponing and saving money! I try to always get the best deal on anything that I can. Any little bit of money that I can save is a good thing! I am hoping to start posting some of my good deals on my blog soon!

My blog is very much my venting outlet. I write randomly about random things. Anything and everything goes on the blog! I am hoping to start posting more often, as I have been trying to do lately, but it has not been happening as much I would like! Hopefully as things get checked off for the wedding and the house gets done there will be more posts! 

Thanks for reading! 

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