Monday, October 29, 2012

Weekend Recap

Well, it is Monday once again and that means it's time for another weekend recap.

Friday was pretty low key. I went to Hobby Lobby and bought some stuff for Halloween and Christmas craft projects. For the Halloween crafts, I bought some plain white fabric and some black felt to make some little ghosts to hang in our tree. The Christmas craft stuff was glitter and some bulbs to paint them with the glitter to make vase fillers. If that made any sense. After that I went home and we had dinner and that was it. Pretty eventful night, huh?

Saturday we started the day with cleaning up the house. It was a mess with us coming back from our trip and throwing stuff everywhere, so we finally got everything put away. It was driving me nuts, so I am glad that we finally got that done. Once we were done with the house work, we headed out to run some errands.

Our first stop was to one of our favorite places to go to. It's called Squeak and it is an old fashioned soda shop. They have Butter Beer there so we wanted to see if the taste of it was close to the Butter Beer that we had at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. It was spot on! I was so excited.

After our Butter Beer stop, we headed over to AT&T to upgrade our old iPhones. We both still had the 3GS, so we decided that it was time to upgrade to the 4S. $200 and a few minutes later and we had shiny new iPhones. I am scared to death of dropping mine or scratching it so I have been clinging to it for dear life until I find a case that I like. Hopefully I find one soon.

After a few more errands we went home and made dinner. After dinner I decided to carve one of my pumpkins that I got at the pumpkin patch last weekend. It actually turned out really cute. I was very proud of it.

Sunday, my friend Megan came over so that we could finish decorating the outside of our house for Halloween. This proved to be very difficult because the decorations didn't want to cooperate. Once they finally decided to cooperate, we finished decorating and then went to lunch at Jimmy John's. After that I ran a few more errands and then went home and then we went to dinner and ran some more errands.

You can barely even see the purple string of lights we put across the gutter of the house.The orange overpowers them, haha! Oh well, we know better for next year!

Lots of errand running this weekend. And I still have more. Yikes! I just don't have enough time in the weekend. Oh well, I always have next weekend. Hope you guys had a great weekend and I hope that you have a fast week and a Happy Halloween!


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