Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wife of the Year

I tell you what, I better be named Wife of the Year after the Christmas gift that I just bought the Hubby. And yes, I already bought his Christmas gift. I am a plan ahead kind of person and like to have my shopping for Christmas almost done before December even rolls around.

Any who, last Friday I took my lunch break and headed on over to Sam's Club. The Hubby has been wanting a new Xbox for a long time since his took a crap like a year ago. Seeing as how he still had other working game consoles, we decided to not buy a new one yet. I decided it would be a great Christmas gift for this year, especially since I have been hinting to him that I want one of these...

This particular KitchnAid Stand Mixer is about $400, so I figured it was only fair that I spend about the same on him. So I went to Sam's Club and started looking around for what he wanted. I found the coolest Xbox I have ever seen and I knew right away that it was the one that I had to buy for the Hubby. Not only did it have the Kinnect with it, but, it is a Star Wars Xbox! How freaking cool is that?


The console itself looks like R2-D2 and the controller looks like C-3P0. The Hubby is a huge Star Wars fan so I knew that this was going to be something he would love. And the storage on it was bigger than the one that he originally wanted.

I know he will love it. And of course he already knows he is getting it, but he doesn't know that I bought a few other things to go along with this gift. That part will at least be a surprise. Now, hopefully I can remember to keep my mouth shut until Christmas, haha! That is a long time away. 

That's right, Wife of the Year right here!



  1. OMG I have that exact mixer. I BEGGED for it for the registry. My boss ended up buying it for us like three weeks before the wedding!!! I can't wait to use it!!!

  2. oh clearly are cooler than me because Chris asked for this like months ago and I said HECK NO!! Haha but that's because his xbox is working perfectly fine and we don't need two! IF his breaks, then that's fine...but yea, that's pretty freaking awesome. Lucky guy that hubby of yours! Hope you get your stand mixer! It's awesome!


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