Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Next Day

We have all had one of these. You know, that day after you just put in one of the best workouts of your life at the gym, only to wake up the next morning and you can't move because of how sore you are. Yeah, one of those next days. I could barely get down our stairs at home today. My Husband found it hilarious. Jerk!

I had my first of four sessions with a personal trainer at our gym last night. I knew that he was going to put me through hell and back, but I need that type of workout because I am not doing them on my own. 

We did circuit training stuff because he said that I don't have to necessarily use the free weights and all the machines to put on some extra muscle that will help burn extra calories. Good to know for the future, but I still would like a little bit of instruction on what I could do with the weights at some point. 

We also went over nutrition stuff, my goals and where I want to be and all that fun stuff. He said that my goal of being in the 130-140's is definitely attainable, but it is just going to take a while. But he seemed to see no reason that I couldn't get there as long as I continue to eat healthy and work out. So you know what? I am going for it! I would love nothing more than to be in that weight range and nothing is stopping me but me. So no more excuses. It is going to happen! 

I feel better about this than I ever have. I have always thought that there was no way that I could get down to that weight. I always thought that my body frame wouldn't allow it. But hearing from someone whose job it is to help you lose weight and be healthier that I could definitely get there, I think it gave me that extra push that I so desperately needed. 

My journey to change my life and my habits started this week. And I am not giving up until I meet these goals. I can't give up anymore. No matter how sore I am the next day. No matter how hard it gets at times. I have to keep going. 



  1. One thing I learned the hard way is that you have to keep moving when it hurts. I would have an intense work out and then not do anything for days until I felt better. Don't do that. It's worse! Make sure you hit the treadmill or something. Get moving. I promise it will help you feel better!

  2. My brother and sister in law swear by using a trainer, and it definitely keeps them accountable!!!


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