Monday, November 11, 2013

Weekend Recap

Well hello there Monday. Not too thrilled to see you. I could definitely use a few more days to catch up on a zillion different things. Oh well, soon enough I will have some time off to catch up. Anywho, I am not here to gripe about it being Monday. I am here to tell you about my weekend. 

Friday night I left work and then headed to go pick up the Hubby from work. We decided to stop at Best Buy on our way home. We picked up "Trouble With the Curve" and then something that I have been trying to find for a while now! I definitely squealed with excitement when I saw that they had it on Blu-Ray. That's right, it was the Charlie Brown Holiday collection! It has "It's the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown", "A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving" and "A Charlie Brown Christmas!" I was a very happy girl after I found this and made it mine!

After hitting up Best Buy we decided to grab something to eat and then head home. This new bakery called Kneaders had just opened up near us, so we decided to give it a shot. Although the food was pretty good, we probably won't be going back any time soon. We had to wait in line for 15 minutes just to order our food. At that point we decided to take it to go. After ordering, we waited for our food for almost a half hour before it was ready. A half hour for a sandwich. I mean it was good, but not that good, which is why we decided to wait a while to go back so that the newness of it will hopefully settle in and they will get all of the kinks worked out with getting the food out a little bit quicker. 

The rest of our Friday night was spent watching "The Trouble With the Curve" which was an amazing movie. I mean it had Justin Timberlake in it, so of course it was going to be good. I mean just getting to stare at him for a good hour or so will make anything amazing! Just saying!

Saturday we got up and started our day off pretty early. I took Louie to the groomers, went to the bank and then picked up Aran and then we headed to the gym. I went to Zumba while he did some cardio on the treadmill. After the gym we ran a few other errands, then I went and got my eyebrows waxed, picked up Louie from the groomers and then headed home to meet my Mom so that she could drop a few things off. 

After my Mom left I got ready to go out to a party with my friend V. It was at her Mom's house which is a good 45 minute drive from either of our places, so she picked me up and we headed out. There was food, good people and a lot of laughs. There may have even been some Spice Girls karaoke thrown in there. We rocked it of course! At about 11 we decided to head back into town. I didn't get home til about 12:30ish, so I immediately went to bed. It had been a fun night, but I was exhausted. 

Sunday I spent the morning grocery shopping and then we headed over to my Brother's house later in the afternoon for a Pre-Thanksgiving dinner. Since my Mom is in town and probably won't be when Thanksgiving rolls around, we decided to do a Pre-Thanksgiving so that we could all enjoy some good food and some time together. 

It was a good test for me too. Thanksgiving is one of my biggest down falls when it comes to food. So it was a great practice run to see how I will do in a few weeks. And if that meal was any indicator, I will have no problem with Thanksgiving. I made great choices and didn't over eat which felt great. I did however have an Angry Orchard Cider to drink, but I still stayed within my calories even with having this, so I decided that it was okay. 

I also had a great time spending some time with my family. I jumped on the trampoline with my Nieces and watched them play and run all over the house. I can't believe how quickly they are growing up. It is just crazy. But I enjoy every minute of it. And it has been amazing getting to spend so much time with my Mom and Step Dad since we don't get to see them that often. 

Like I said earlier, I definitely could have used a few more days to get some things done, but I still had a great weekend. I love spending time with my family and I wouldn't trade that for anything. 



  1. A) You need to stop talking about hard cider... I might cry. B) Try the Michelob Light Cider. It has a little less calories and sugar. I found with the regular stuff I could only have one or two because they were too sweet. But I could easily polish off a 6 pack of the light cider. On second thought...maybe don't try it. Haha

  2. Hahaha, my husband LOVES Charlie Brown!! We also own the holiday DVDs...he insisted that we watch the Great Pumpkin while carving pumpkins for Halloween!


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