Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Weigh-In Wednesday

Happy Wednesday! It's time for Weigh-In Wednesday. Let's get down to it, shall we?

Sorry for the hiatus last week. Glad to be getting back on track this week. 

My eating has continued to be pretty good. I am learning more and more everyday about what I should be eating and what I shouldn't be eating. I am learning to pay more attention to the ingredient labels. I know what I should be looking to stay away from. And also I have decided that if I can't pronounce it, I shouldn't be eating it. These few things have really helped me stay away from things that I would have otherwise eaten in the past. 

I did pretty good with tracking my food and with staying within my calories for each day. Again, I went over a couple of times but not by more than a 100 calories or so. 

My workouts lately have been awesome. I find myself wanting to go to the gym more and more. I am there at least 4 or 5 times a week, sometimes 6 depending on the week. I am learning so much from my personal trainer and I think that is definitely helping. I am getting over the "What the crap do I even do with these weights?" situation that I was always in. I am slowly starting to learn things that I can do on my own and it really helps for when I go by myself. I have also been writing down everything that I do in my sessions so that I have something to reference when I do need a workout. I am also done with my four free sessions and after talking it over with my Husband, we decided that this is something that I need to continue with. So I have purchased 12 additional sessions and am going to be seeing the personal trainer every other week starting in December. 

Yesterday before I headed into Zumba I met with my trainer, we will call him A, to take some measurements. We did body fat percentage and some basic measurements. The body fat percentage was not fun. We had taken it the very first day that I met with him, three weeks ago, on this little hand held machine and for some reason my number has gone up since then, which isn't really possible especially since I have lost weight. And my trainer seemed to agree, so we decided to do it the old fashioned way with calipers. We got something slightly different and he was convinced that our very first reading wasn't very accurate, so we are starting over on this particular measurement and we will see where it goes from here in about a month or so. 

I was pretty discouraged by the results of the body fat percentage and I think he could see that because he made it a point to tell me that I shouldn't be discouraged and that I was doing great, especially with the amount of weight that I have already lost. A also told me that if I can keep up with how I have been doing that I could definitely be under 200 lbs by the beginning of the new year. What?! This would seriously be insanely huge for me. The last time I was under 200 lbs was my Freshman year of College. I am so determined to get there. And there will be a lot of celebrating when that happens. And by that I mean me jumping up and down and dancing and probably screaming at the top of my lungs, ha! I can't wait for that moment. 

Okay, let's get down to the good stuff. The measurements! Or the measurement in this week's case. On the scale this morning I weighed in at 213.6. Which means that I am down 5.6 lbs since my last Weigh-In Wednesday post two weeks ago! I am absolutely excited about this because I know that I have been working so hard for it! And seeing this number on the scale this morning made me realize that A was absolutely right yesterday when he told me not to be discouraged by my body fat percentage because 9 lbs in three weeks is flipping amazing! And if I can keep up losing three lbs a week, I could definitely be below 200 lbs by the end of this year!

The only goal that I am really going to set for myself this week has to do with Thanksgiving tomorrow. My goal is to not over eat. And instead of mashed potatoes and gravy, I will be having sweet potatoes. And I will be eating as many fresh veggies as possible. I will admit though that I will be having a very small amount of stuffing and one very small piece of dessert. I mean, I should be allowed one little cheat, right? As long as I don't over do it, I think it will be okay. 

Sorry again for the hiatus last week. I am definitely going to try and not have another one of those because this really does help keep me on track. Thanks guys for stopping by and checking in on how this journey is going. I appreciate your support more than you know.
I hope you all have a great day and a great Thanksgiving!



  1. You're awesome! I'm on the same plan for Thanksgiving...I'm not going to overeat!!


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