Thursday, February 27, 2014

Baby Shower Decor Recap

Sunday February 16th, I threw a baby shower for my SIL and my Brother. Although they already have three kids, and a fourth on the way, all three of their first kids are girls. And baby number four is finally a BOY!!! So needless to say, they have no boy stuff whatsoever, so I felt that a baby shower was in order. 

You guys might remember that a few weeks back I showed you the invitations that I had made from Merriment Press. Well here they are again. But this was the jumping off point from which I tried to center my entire color scheme/decor around. 

Believe it or not, finding actual camo themed stuff was really tough! Even with the Duck Dynasty craze that is going on right now. This made my decor choices a little bit harder, but in the end I ended up just going with a color scheme more than anything. I tried to stick to brown and orange and added the camo/hunting theme wherever I could. I also tried to make it a bit more cutesy since it was in fact a baby shower.

I inevitably bought way too much stuff and ended up taking a lot of it back, but the things that I did end up using worked out so well and just all came together perfectly. 

For the favors I picked up some mason jars and some chalkboard labels and made every guest a drinking cup for the party. And for the kids, I picked up these cute water bottles and did the same thing. I also bought orange and green paper straws and had them available to everyone that wanted one. Each jar also had a tag tied around the top of the jar that said "You are deer to our hearts! Thank you for coming!" I unfortunately forgot to get a picture of these. 

We set all of the mason jars and water bottles up on a chalkboard table in the kitchen along with some tasty drinks. I also spruced the table up a bit with orange, green and brown balloons!

The dining room was probably by far my favorite area that we decorated. It all came together so great. I had Stephanie at Merriment press make this adorable banner for me that read" Daddy's Hunting Buddy" and we hung that on the window above the gift table. We also decorated the table with balloons and a diaper cake and we added some streamers to the ceiling for a little bit more color. And I also had one more banner in the living room that read "Hunter" which is my soon to be Nephews name. 

Something cool that I found were these small pieces of branch that were all cut up into small pieces. I found these at Michael's and just wasn't quite sure what I was going to do with them. I ended up filling four different mason jars with these pieces and used these to tie all of the balloons too. They worked perfectly for this and added an extra little touch of the hunting/woods/camo theme. 

And of course when I started planning this whole shower I scoured Pinterest for hours and days trying to find some cute ideas. One of the ideas that I came across was taking a bow and hanging letters below it to spell out a name. It acts as a cute piece of decor but then can be used in the baby's nursery too. So after searching high and low for a bow that would work, my Mom found one and sent it to me. It was white, so I took some Real Tree Duct Tape that I bought from Michael's and covered it so that it was camo. Then I attached the letters of Hunters name to the string with some ribbon. It turned out so cute and I can't wait to see it in his nursery!

More decor pictures and the bow with Hunter's name
We decided that cupcakes were the way to go for the shower. I had planned on making them, but ended up not having the time to do this. I ordered these cupcakes from Sam's Club. They were delicious and they looked so cute. And Stephanie from Merriment Press designed these cupcake toppers. They turned out amazing and looked so great on the cupcakes!

I knew from the beginning that I was going to make a diaper cake. I love how they look and it is a great way to add a little bit of extra decor. And actually, I ended up making two. I had so many diapers left over after making the first cake that I decided to try my hand at an ATV diaper cake. I have seen these things all over the internet and just recently saw that one that K's friends made her and I knew that I had to try my hand at it. I found this video on YouTube and watched it once and then went to town. It was actually pretty easy and very inexpensive to make. The most expensive part was the stuffed animal that I chose. I chose a Scentsy Buddy, so it was a little bit pricier. 

For my regular diaper cake I found all of these cute woodland creature stuffed animals and decorated the cake with them and ribbon. It turned out really cute. 

The baby shower itself was a hit. We didn't do any games because it was a co-ed shower and I was told to not make it too kitchy, haha! So everyone pretty much just came, ate some food and visited with each other for a bit. All the guys were out in the garage talking cars and other manly stuff. All of the kids were outside on the trampoline or running around in the back yard and all of the women were inside just talking and having a good time. 

Most people came for a bit, hung out and then headed out, so by the time that we got around to opening gifts, there weren't very many people there. But this actually ended up working out really well because it wasn't too overcrowded and my SIL got to take her time and just enjoy opening gifts. They got some great stuff too!

Overall the shower went over really well. It was fun spending time with all of our family and friends to celebrate the upcoming arrival of my new Nephew. And I had a blast planning and decorating for the shower. I seriously think sometimes that I have missed my real calling in life, being a party planner. Oh well, maybe in another lifetime! 

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