Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Weigh-In Wednesday

This week feels like it is flying by. Probably because I didn't have to work on Monday. But nonetheless, it is time for Weigh-In Wednesday!

It has been two weeks since I did a WIW post, so I have a few things to report. First, I had a session with my personal trainer on Monday. Every month we take measurements and he does my body fat percentage. Well this past Monday my body fat percentage is finally in the healthy range! Whoop whoop!!! I was pretty stoked about this. I don't even know the last time that I was ever in the healthy range. Probably High School. 

All of my measurements also went down by almost two inches. My trainer was kind of in shock. He couldn't believe how much more weight and inches I had dropped since we did my measurements last. I kind of couldn't believe it either. I mean I know how hard I have been working and I know that I am losing weight, but when you see those measurements in writing and see how much you have actually lost, it kind of blows your mind. But in a totally rad and awesome way! 

Okay, down to the good stuff. My weight as of this morning is 188.2! I am down 4.4 lbs since my last WIW post two weeks ago. 

I have set a new milestone goal for myself. When I hit 50 lbs lost (16 lbs to go) I get to get a new tattoo. I have been wanting a new one for a long time, but this gives me the motivation to actually get it, so I am going to make it happen!

I am keeping my goals the same. Exercise six days, watch my food and calories and drink lots of water. Ya know, the stuff I have already been trying to accomplish.

Well, that is all I have for today. Sorry for such a short post. I have to get back to work though. Thanks for stopping by! Have a great Hump Day everyone!



  1. Megan! I am so proud of you, ahhh!!! This is so exciting! :) Where do you take your Zumba classes, I really want to start!

  2. Omg that's amazing! You're doing so awesome! Def need progress pics!

  3. You need to post those before & afters. You look amazing. When I go to lose weight you're gonna coach me! And can I go with you when you get your tattoo? Where are you going to go?


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