Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Weigh-In Wednesday

It's time for Weigh-In Wednesday!

Short post again today. But I wanted to at least update you guys on how everything is going. 

I finally feel like I have gotten back on track with my eating. I did awesome last week with eating healthy and clean and it just felt great. So far so good this week too. It is amazing how great you feel just eating healthy. I can definitely tell a difference when I am putting junk into my body and when I am eating clean. I always feel a millions times better when I am eating clean. 

I missed one day at the gym last week. So in total I went five days instead of six like I have been doing. I felt awful about not being able to go, but I didn't get off work until 6:30 and I was absolutely fried after the day that I had. I just couldn't even fathom going to the gym. I went home, had dinner and went to bed. But I am back on track for six days this week as long as I don't have to stay late at work. Our auditors are here these next two weeks, so who knows what my schedule will look like. But, I am going to try my hardest to get all six days in. 

Okay, something kind of cool for you guys. I have been wanting to do progress pictures. However, I just haven't been able to find the time to do it. And I mean real progress pictures, the ones I hate posting because I am in shorts and a sports bra, but they need to be done to see the real progress that I have made. But I do have something kind of cool to share with you. The picture below on the left is of me last June before I went to a Zumba party. The picture on the right is of me in that same outfit last week. And HOLY CRAP! I couldn't believe the difference!

Kinda cool, huh?! Okay, now onto the good news. My weight as of this morning is 186.2, I am down another 2 lbs from last weeks WIW post and that officially puts me down 36 lbs since November of last year. I can't believe all the progress that I am making. I can't wait to see how much further I can go. I am over some of the hardest hurdles already, and I still have some hard work ahead of me, but it isn't anything that I can't tackle!

Thanks for stopping by today guys! Hope you are having a fabulous week! 



  1. WOW! I told you that you needed progress pics! When I lost weight a while back, I was flabbergasted by how noticeable just 20lbs look amazing and you have earned it!

  2. You look amazing! Im so happy for you, I just loving seeing your progess and success!


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