Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Weigh-In Wednesday

It's that time again. Time for Weigh-In Wednesday.

Let's start this post out with a little bit of honesty. I feel like I have just been going through the motions lately. At least when it comes to my eating. I have been cheating here and there and it definitely shows on the scale. I definitely haven't been doing the best that I can. But I am not going to beat myself up about it. I just need to try and do better over the next week. That is all that I can ask for.

I also had a session with my trainer on Monday which was freaking awesome. He showed me a ton of new upper body stuff that I am excited to work into my workouts. My arms and my chest are however still sore. Even turning the steering wheel in the car was painful the last two mornings. But that does mean that it is working. And I am still keeping up with going to the gym six days a week. I think I am finally in a great routine. I just need to keep spicing that routine up(if that makes sense) so that I don't get bored and fall off the band wagon.

Okay, down to the good stuff. I promised you guys measurement this week, so  here they are.

I am only down 1.6 lbs from last week, but a loss is still a loss! And I can't get over my measurements just within the last month!!! Especially the hip measurement. I re-measured myself a few times this morning to make sure that I was seeing things correctly! Even though I have been struggling the last few weeks with my eating, I have to be proud of what I have accomplished. I think seeing these measurements this morning was just the push I needed for the next week!

Goals for the week: Drink more water! I say this every time, but I need to keep up with this. And just doing better on the whole eating thing. I know I can do this. Look how far I have already come. I can't stop now. 

Thanks for stopping in today. Hope you are having a great week! Hopefully it is warmer where you guys are, because it is freezing here!


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  1. Megan! I am so proud of you,your results are so inspiring!!!! Keep it up, we all have slip ups during the week, but you are headed for success!


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