Thursday, February 20, 2014

Holy Snow, Batman!

Okay, so I realize that we are not getting anywhere near the amount of snow that some of you are. But, when you come home at around 8:30 pm and there is no snow and then look out at 10 pm and there is already almost two inches, that my friends calls for a "Holy Snow, Batman!"

There was no snow anywhere when I got home yesterday
Granted this happens quite often here in CO. It snows like crazy for a few hours and makes the roads an absolute mess. People then proceed to freak the eff out because we have a few inches of snow on the ground and heaven forbid you have to drive in it. This in turn makes my morning commute one hell of a headache. 

It will be okay people. I promise. Just slow your ass down and don't be an asshole and ride the person's ass in front of you. And yes the roads may look just "a little wet" or they have "just a little bit of snow on them", but in fact they are probably very slick and icy due to the ridiculous wind we have right now. Once again, don't be that asshole that goes flying around everyone and then proceeds to cause a 10 car pile up. It's not cool and it ruins everyone's day.

Okay, that is my PSA for the day. Hope you guys are having a great Thursday! 


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  1. I hate that people freak out about snow all the time. It happens. It's annoying. We all hate it. If less people acted like asshole during it, there would be less accidents, and less delays. TADA! Haha


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