Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Bridal Shower Recap

A few weekends ago, my amazing bridal party and family members threw a Bridal Shower for me. It was such a great shower and I can't thank everyone enough for coming and celebrating with me. Instead of a text heavy post, I am going to do a picture heavy post and let the pictures do the telling. Let the fun begin!

The shower started with everyone getting food and writing down a memory of me. Once we had all of the memories on paper, Lacey, my bestie and Matron of Honor would read them out loud and everyone else had to guess who shared the memory with me. 

Some of the guest enjoying food and memories

More food and memories

Lacey reading off a memory

Once we finished up with food and memories, it was on to the next game which was probably the most fun game in my opinion. Making wedding dresses out of toilet paper! haha! This one is always fun because you get to see how creative people are. We had everyone divide up into three teams and choose a model and then the fun began.

Amber, my Maid of Honor modeling while Victoria,
one of my Bridesmaids begins creating

My little sister and Bridesmaid Rachelle
getting all dolled up

My sister in law Cassie getting all fancy

Kloe and Mady wanted to help too

Amber showing some leg

My niece MaKenzi as a flower girl

The finished product

Amber demonstrating that Aran would love this dress,
because I could just tear right out of it for easy access, haha!

And the one that I chose as the winner!

MaKenzi playing in all of the toilet paper afterwards

Toilet paper Angel
Once I had decided a winner of the most fashionable dress made out of TP, we played the purse game where each guest was given a list of things that they may find in their purse. Whoever had the most points at the end was the winner. Unfortunately I did not get any pics of this, epic fail on my part, haha! After this we moved on to having these amazing hi-hat cupcakes that Lacey made and opening gifts.

Kloe trying the cupcake

My niece Kelsi wanted to help open gifts

Opening the hand painted wine glasses that
Lacey & her hubby made for us

This is what they look like. There are also two that have
both of our names on them

The frame that Amber, Victoria, Christine, Kloe, & Mady
got us. It has our name & Wedding date on it

Mady hanging out during gifts

Pyrex measuring cups! Love these!

The blender that my friend Rochelle gave us. Love this!

Three picture frame

Chip & Dip Serving set that Linda & Val gave us.
Can't wait to have a party so that we can use this!

The card that my co-worker & friend Cheryl made

Mini Desert Cook Book from Cheryl

Three Tier Appetizer Serving Bowls
from Cheryl. We already used this and it is awesome!

Opening some of our dishes from Aran's mom.
If you can't tell, I was REALLY excited about these!

Overall, it was a great day with tons of family and friends! I am so blessed to have so many people in my life that love and care about me. Thank you everyone who came and I am so glad that you were able to come to make this such a special day for me. And thank you to my friends and family that helped put all of this together! I love everyone so much for doing this. You guys are the best!! 

What games did you play at your Bridal Shower? Or what games are you planning on playing? Did your guests enjoy them? 



  1. Looks like such a great Bridal Shower!! We played the toilet paper dress game too and it was such a hit! I like the memory game idea, I've never heard of that before but it seems really sweet! Yay bridal showers!

  2. Wow looks like fun! I haven't had my bridal shower yet, but I definitely got some great ideas. Love it!

    I'm having a giveaway BTW for a rustic-chic ring pillow if you're interested.

  3. What a sweet shower, I love that the kids wanted to participate in the toilet paper dress game. I'm not sure what my gals have up their sleeves for games but I'm sure its something!!

  4. Those wine glasses are pretty awesome! I miss you! I wish I could've been there.


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