Friday, November 4, 2011

Klutz McGee Over Here

Anyone who knows me, knows that I am a klutz. I am always hurting myself in the strangest ways. Whether it be ankle sprains(I am famous for these), running into things, or tripping over my own feet, it never fails. Now that you have that little bit of background info on me, here is what happened last night.

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I had just gotten home from walking a few miles with my friend Kristen like we do every Tuesday and Thursday and I decided to take a bath. It was really cold outside and I couldn't seem to get warmed up so I figured a nice hot relaxing bath would be perfect. Well as I was getting into the bath, I put my hand on the wall of the tub and apparently there was water on it and my hand slipped. The end result was my arm and the left side of my body hitting the wall of the tub.

I have been in a little bit of pain since it happened and this morning I have a very light bruise on my side that is about the size of a grapefruit. My only worry is that I bruised my ribs. From what I have been told I would probably be in a little bit more pain than I am right now. I am hoping that it is just a surface bruise if that makes sense. Well, I guess we will find out eventually, right?

I hope everyone is having a good Friday and I hope that everyone has a great weekend too! Hopefully you are not a klutz like me and don't hurt yourself right before the weekend!

Klutz McGee, that is me!


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  1. Oh no! But glad you are okay!! Hope you had a great weekend!


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