Sunday, November 6, 2011

New Blog Design?

I have really been wanting to do a major blog make over here lately. I am just so bored with the design that I have right now and not only that but I just want more things on it. I want a new header that has pictures on it. I want side bar titles and I want a kick ass navigation bar.

Well, here is my problem. I can't seem to find a blog designer that is a) reasonably priced and b) offers a package that has everything that I want. There are a lot of blog designs out there that look really similar too, so much that you can tell that they have all come from the same person. I really want mine to be unique to me more than the designer.

Do you guys have any suggestions for a great blog designer that I can look into? Who have you used to design your blog? Or did you do your own design? Do you have any tips for me if you have done your own?



  1. Megan...I was the same way...and also I changed mine constantly with the freebies. So I finally bit the bullet and went through Laura Jane designs (her design button is on my page) and bought a grenade package..I think it was maybe 20 bucks, and she even installed it for me. check her out...she even does designing too! Hope that helps!

  2. My stupid phone changed premade to sorry.

  3. I used Custom Blog designs and thought she was reasonably priced. She designed and then sent me instructions and files for me to install it myself. It was pretty easy!


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