Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Stressed and Overloaded to the MAX!!

Right now to say that I am stressed and overloaded is an understatement. Things have become crazy and hectic in my life. All within the past two weeks. Yes, the wedding planning is playing a big part in that. However, so is work, more so than I think the wedding is.

Let me explain. I work for a company that puts on hundreds of rodeos across the country. I really don't do anything involving the rodeos because I work in the accounting department. I take care of things like paying our bills and month end stuff and journal entries. Pretty much all accounting related stuff. Well, this lovely time of year we have our biggest event of the year. It is held every year at the beginning of December. Even though I don't go to this event or have anything to do with the planning of it, it becomes the busiest and most stressful time of the year for me.

I have almost every person in the office bringing me check requests and invoices that have to be entered and paid before the week of Thanksgiving. This makes me a big ball of stress. I feel like I never have enough time to get these things done. I have tried asking people to get these into me earlier so that I have time to process everything in a timely, not rushed manor, but that never seems to happen. And of course it won't fail, someone will bring me something the day before they have to leave and will need it ASAP. Ugh!! I wish everyone that worked here were planners like me.

Anyways, the stress of work plus the stress of the wedding planning is slowly making me go crazy. So crazy that when I get home at night, instead of working on things for the wedding, I tend to curl up on the couch with some dinner and watch TV the whole night instead of doing anything productive. Lets hope that tonight will be different and that I actually get something done.

Anyone feeling like this lately?



  1. People at my job do that to me ALL.THE.TIME. I am a big planner, so when I am putting on a huge event and they come to me the night before saying they want to bring 5 more people and can I please print out 150 copies of their presentation and put it in the folders I have already packed up and brought to the venue... I want to snap. I can't even imagine having so much wedding stuff on top of that! Hang in there girl!

  2. That def. sounds stressful! Only two more weeks till Thanksgiving though..keep your chin up and you'll get through it! I've been super busy with our new puppy and have been less productive..but that's certainly a much better distraction than work stress. Good luck, you'll get through it!

  3. You can't go crazy, straight jackets are so not a good accessory for a wedding ;-) Hope that people start getting their acts together so you don't have so much stress.


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