Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Awesomeness and a Guest Post

Happy Tuesday lovelies! Today has already started out pretty crazy here at work, so I only have a few seconds to stop in for the day. So let's get down to business.

First, something awesome...

I know, it's hard to see, but just try squinting really hard, jk!

That's right, yours truly is in first place after week 2 of Blogger Fantasy Football! Whoop Whoop!!! I may or may not have been a little excited this morning over this! And not to mention that Erin at Love, Fun and Football called me a Football genius! But I'm not bragging. Okay maybe just a little!

And speaking of Fantasy Football and awesomeness, look who is 2-0 in my family's league...

Whoop Whoop! Fantasy Football has definitely started off pretty great for me this season, which probably means I am getting ready to go downhill very, very quickly, haha! Let's hope that's not the case, but I am waiting for my impending doom!

And lastly, I am guest posting over at Down at Fraggle Rock today for the awesome K. She is away on her Honeymoon with her new Hubby so stop in over at her blog to see what I have to say today.

All right, I'm out lovelies. I have loads of work to do. Have a great day!


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  1. I somehow won my fantasy football game last yer and I didn't do a thing to manage it. Chris's brother maintained it for me...so I had to split the $300 winnings with him...oh well! good luck!


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