Friday, September 28, 2012

Honeymoon Countdown

Our Honeymoon countdown has officially begun! We leave for our Honeymoon in 2 WEEKS!!!! Agh!! I can barely contain the excitement.

Some of you probably don't even know where we are going. I mean, I haven't talked about it very much but probably because it kind of crept up on us. Well, we are going to Orlando Florida for a week. While we are there, we are going to be at Disney World for four days and then we are spending two days at Universal Studios. Harry Potter World, here I come!!!!!

I have never been to any of the Disney parks or to Universal, so my excitement is that of a little kids. I can't wait to see Cinderella's castle. She is only my favorite Disney Princess. And that is one of my favorite Disney movies of all time! With that being said though, we have a TON to do. And when I say "we", I actually mean me, because let's face it, my Husband will probably not do any of the to-do list. I have accepted it though and I am moving forward.

I really need some new luggage. Mine is falling apart. But who knows if I will actually get around to this. I may just end up borrowing some from the In-Laws. I also need to make some packing lists for us too and then actually pack everything.

So here is where I need your help. First, I need to come up with a packing list. So if any of you have ever been there, please let me know what some of those must have items should be. Or if you can think of anything in general that should go on my list, send it my way. Any and all suggestions will be mucho appreciated.

That's all I've got for you guys today. I hope that you all have a great Friday(I will be in training for most of the day, boo) and that you have a great weekend!


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  1. SHORTS! Remember SHORTS! I went in January and totally didn't even think about it. I spent the next 7 days sweating my balls off. Shorts. Haha


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