Monday, September 24, 2012

Weekend Recap

Hello lovelies. Once again it's Monday and I am disappointed that my weekend has disappeared. Again! But, it was a great weekend so I can't complain too much.

Friday night, my two older nieces came over and we had a sleep over. We ate dinner and watched "Matilda" and then they proceeded to pass out. Which was good because we had to be up really early the next morning for a 5K that was being put on by my old High School. It was essentially just like the color run, so we were all really excited to participate.

I planned on getting up around 6:30 to get us all up and ready for the day. Around 5:45 am, I got up and went to the bathroom, when I came back my youngest Niece, Kelsi, was sitting on the couch(where we all slept) and  was looking at me and smiling. She apparently was ready to be up for the day. Oh joy! So at 5:45 am, I was up for the day and started getting everything ready.

Once I had everyone else awake and ready to go, we headed out to my old High School. We got there a little before 9 so that we could get signed in and get our shirts. Once we were registered, it was time to start the 5K.

It was a lot of fun and at every kilometer, we got a new color essentially thrown at us. So by the time that we finished the 5K we were covered in all kinds of color. It was a lot of fun and my Nieces really enjoyed the color part.

After the 5K we took my Nieces home and then headed to our house to meet the people that were going to plant our new tree! We had really been looking forward to this, so we were very excited. They arrived around 1 and were done super quick. I couldn't believe how fast they dug the hole in our yard. They were there for maybe 30 minutes.

After the tree was planted, we had planned on doing nothing, but I got a message from my friend Victoria, asking if I wanted to do dinner and a movie for a girls night out. I couldn't refuse. So after showering(which took forever because of all of the colored dust on my skin) we headed out for a fun night. We had dinner at Red Robin and then went to the dollar theater and watched "The Watch", which was pretty funny.

Sunday, was a little bit more laid back. I didn't pry myself out of bed until 10. We ran to Lowe's to get the stones and mulch to finish the landscaping on our tree(see the pictures above) and then did some grocery shopping. After all of the errands, we came home and made some chili, watched football and finished the landscaping on the tree. And for some reason, my Fantasy Football team decided to self destruct this weekend. Thanks guys, really appreciate that! Grrrr!!!!

And probably one of the coolest things to happen this weekend, one of our neighbors stopped by to introduce herself and to bring us some cookies to say "Welcome to the Neighborhood". I thought this was incredibly sweet and she was so nice and her cookies were the best effing cookies I have had in a long time.

Just another busy, but fun weekend. Only five more days til the next one. And yes, I'm counting.



  1. Love that your neighbor brought you cookies! I don't think many people do that anymore.

  2. Our weekend was awesome and of course it went by way too fast, how come that seems to be the case every week??!

  3. OMG! Showering took FOREVER after the Color Run. I had blue in my ear for a week, I couldn't get it all out! Glad you guys had fun and the house is looking great! (Sidenote: your neighbors are so nice! Mine suck and I definitely throw out anything food-related that they give us for fear they are trying to poison me haha)


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