Thursday, September 20, 2012

Our House is Becoming a Home

After two whole months of living in our new house, it is finally starting to feel like a home. It has taken us a while, but our walls are slowly starting to fill with pictures and memories that make it feel like it is really ours.

Last night was the first night that it actually felt like this. Why? Well, we finally got some of our wedding pictures up. It has only been 8 months since our wedding, but hey, they are finally up. The first ones that went up were our wallverbs that we got as a gift for our wedding. I finally got around to picking out pictures for it and getting them printed. So when they arrived yesterday in the mail, I made Aran put them up. He wasn't real pleased because I was making him do work, but he did it and didn't really complain too much.

We started by hanging up the template on the wall. Once we had that in place, we hammered the nails into the wall where the template indicated they should go.

I was supervising!

Once we had the nails in their places, we pulled the template down and started hanging the letters and pictures.

And that was it. We had to do a little adjusting to make sure that everything was sitting straight and lining up, but other than that, this was a pretty simple project. 

We also put up some other pictures too. I had a collage frame that had 6 openings, so I arranged the pictures in those and hung that up. I also had some 8X10 frames that we had nothing in that I put some pictures in and placed around the living room. 

These are all of my Bridal Portrait shoot.

And just like that, our house started feeling more like a home. It's amazing what a few pictures can do to the feel of your home. I can't wait to get more pictures up around the house. It may take me another 8 months, but it will eventually be done. 

How long did it take you to get your wedding pictures put up? Or how long did it take you to get anything on the walls in your place?


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  1. Looking great!! I had so much fun picking out wedding pictures to hang on the walls but there were so many that it was hard to choose which ones I wanted! Love what you have done so far!


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