Monday, September 17, 2012

Weekend Recap

Well, it is once again Monday. I hate this day. Every week it rolls around and it's like a bitch slap to the face. Ugh! Getting out of bed this morning was especially difficult. Oh well, time for another week full of who knows what. And time for another Weekend Recap.

This weekend was once again busy and expensive. Friday night the hubs decided to eat out. We had a hard time to deciding where to go, but we eventually agreed on Chick-Fil-A. After dinner we went to Dick's Sporting goods to look at some new workout clothes. I have been trying to find this pair of Nike Dri-FIT Capri's but everywhere that we have looked has not had my size. This place finally did! So I tried them on and loved them! I also found a new Dri-FIT shirt on the clearance rack that I loved as well. I walked out of there with a whole new outfit for working out.


This is what the shirt looks like except that it is a baby blue.

After we spent too much money at Dick's Sporting Goods, we decided to go over to Target. We wanted to look at some shorts for Aran for our Honeymoon and possibly some shorts for me. This was a very bad idea. Their clearance section was ridiculous. I walked out of there with two pairs of regular shorts, two pairs of bermuda shorts and a cute dress for $30!! I was pretty dang proud of that. And of course, Aran couldn't find anything that he liked that was on sale so we paid full price for two pairs of shorts for him. I like to tease him about stuff like this and tell him that he is expensive. It's an ongoing joke that we have :)

The new dress that I bought! I paid a whopping $5.98 for it!
Via my Instagram Account

Saturday I woke up kind of early, around 7ish so that I could get ready for the day. I started off by painting my nails because they looked like ish. And then I got ready and headed out East of town to spend some time with my friends who might as well be part of my family. 

Bright!!! Love it!

I drove all the way out to my old Junior High School to meet up with my amazing friend Victoria and her family. Her little brother, Sebastian, was playing in his High School Homecoming football game. It was a lot of fun to watch and we had a blast just sitting there and talking and playing with her two little girls. Sebastian was even crowned Sophomore Duke for Homecoming. 

Me & Victoria 
Victoria's little brother, Sebastian #10, waiting  for the game to start
Sebastian being crowned Sophomore Duke for Homecoming

After the game we went back to her parents house(who are like my adopted parents) and we all had dinner. Her Dad made some delicious ribs and this amazing spicy mac n cheese. Oh my gosh it was so good! After dinner and some amazing desert, I headed back home to spend some time with the hubby. 

Sunday was awesome. Well, kind of. It was awesome in the respect that I pretty much did absolutely nothing but sit around and watch football. I did clean up around the house a little and I did so some laundry, but aside from that, I did nothing but watch football. And it felt amazing. 

I watched the Jets game for the sole purpose of watching Tim Tebow(he is so freaking gorgeous!) Unfortunately they did not play very well and he only played for like 3 plays and that was it. It was a very frustrating game to watch. I also watched the Lions game. And they played like crap too. I am just hoping that the Broncos play better tonight than both of the other teams that I like to watch did. 

Me in my Tebow shirt! 

That was my weekend. Just realized that there was a lot of football in there. Oh well, I love football, so that is okay in my book. I hope that you guys had a great weekend too!

What did you do this weekend?



  1. i hate look so cute all the time...get out of my life!love you

  2. Love that bright pink nail polish color!


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