Monday, September 10, 2012

Weekend Recap

This weekend was a busy one, once again. I am starting to wonder if we will ever have a weekend where we aren't doing anything. Probably not, haha!

Saturday was the busiest day. I won't share all of the details with you because I have a separate post planned for part of it, but I can share some. Saturday morning my friend Megan(yes, we have the same name) and I headed up to Denver to go see my Aunt so that I could get my hair cut and colored again.

Originally I was just going to have the color touched up, but all of the color had faded pretty bad so my Aunt decided to re color all of it. Well, for some reason her instructor told her to use red on top and brown on the bottom(WTF?) and when it was all said and done, my hair was two different colors. Luckily, it looks really good. It looks like we did it on purpose. It's really hard to see in pics, but the top is a reddish brown and it gets darker as it goes down.

After I got my hair did, Megan and I had some time to kill before something else that we had to go to, so we went to the Park Meadows mall. We got some Starbucks and walked around for a little bit. We went to the new Disney Store that just opened and spent a good half hour in there just looking around at everything. We have both decided to do some Christmas shopping there because they had such cool stuff. 

After we were done at the Disney Store we went to The Cheesecake Factory to get a piece of cheesecake. It was mother effing delicious! I want another piece so bad now! Damn it!

I got Red Velvet Cheesecake

After our cheesecake, we decided it was time to head out since we had something really exciting to go do. It was time for the Rascal Flatts concert! Insert squealing here!!! I won't say anymore than that though because like I said earlier, I have a whole other post planned for that. I will say that we had a great time though!

Myself and Megan waiting to get into the concert!

Saturday was such a long day that I wasn't really looking forward to having to get up and drive all the way back up to Denver for a second day in a row. But, it was opening day of Football and my Uncle has a small party every year for the first weekend, so I couldn't pass that up. Besides, I got to hold and snuggle this little cutie almost the entire time! 

It was a great day of football, food, and family. And of me whooping up on the guy that I am playing in Fantasy Football this week. I still have two players to go tonight and he has one and I am up by almost thirty points, so let's hope I can keep that lead.

The score so far!

It was a great weekend filled with great music, great people and a lot fun! I hope that you guys had a great weekend too!



  1. your hair is so long and pretty! i love it :)

  2. Your hair looks great, and that red velvet cake looks sooo good..yum!

  3. sounds awesome, and I love your hair!! It looks great...can't wait to hear about the concert!


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