Thursday, May 2, 2013

Bringing Sexy Back Week 6 Link Up

It's time for this week's Bringing Sexy Back link up with myself and K from Down at Fraggle Rock. Grab the button, link up and tell us how you did this week!

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Once again this week, I feel incredibly proud of myself. This is in large part due to how well I have been eating and tracking my food. I am now at 19 days and counting with logging my food into myfitnesspal. And the more I continue to do this, the more of a habit it will be and hopefully I won't fall off the band wagon. 

The other part that is making me incredibly proud of myself is how active I have been. Since our link up last Thursday, I went to two days of Zumba, did yard work for at least 6 hours over the weekend(this burns some major calories) and went on a 2.5 mile walk with my friend. And I hope to increase my activity level next week. Especially since I won two free sessions with a personal trainer at my Zumba party the other night!

Okay, now for the measurements. I am pretty excited about them this week. They weren't huge numbers, but I did see some changes!

That's right, I met my goal from last week of being below 220 by today. I barely made it, but I made it none the less. And this means that I am now down 12.8 lbs total! I am extremely proud of myself for getting under 220. For some reason, that particular number is one of my road blocks. I always have such a hard time getting under that number, but once I do, I usually do pretty well, until I get closer to 200 and then I usually get stuck again. So, here is to hoping that I can kick 19 lbs of ass and get down to 200!

Now, onto what my goals are for the week. I want to continue to log my food every single day and stay under my calories. I want to continue my active streak and keep up the gym visits. This weekend will be kind of an interesting one because of how busy we are, but I want to try and squeeze some type of workout in there. Even if it is just walking or doing some core stuff at home.

I am also setting kind of a monthly goal for myself in that I want to be down to 210 by Memorial Day weekend. That's almost ten lbs in 25 days, but I think if I work really hard and I continue to watch what I am eating, I know I can do it.

How did you guys do this week? We want to hear all about it! And don't forget to head on over to K's blog and check out her post this week! 



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