Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday's Letters

 Dear Laura,
Congrats on winning the $25 gift card of your choosing!!! I sent you an email this morning, so please let me know where  you would like your gift card to! 

Dear Weather,
Thank you for finally being nice! Spring has actually arrived. I appreciate that you finally made up your mind.

Dear Friday,
Please go by quickly today. I have something fun to do after work, so I would appreciate it if you wouldn't take your sweet time today. K? Thanks!

Dear Grass That We Are Trying To Grow,
Please please please come in. I am tired of that spot in the yard being bare while everything else looks super nice. Please start growing soon. I  have been watering you as much as I can and I would appreciate it if you would cooperate with us!

Dear Duck Dynasty,
I don't know how I ever lived my life without you. I am obsessed and proud of it. I know that I am always in for a good laugh when I watch this show and I love that. 

Dear Hubby,
I know that the budget we set up for ourselves to follow for the next year is strict, but I know we can do this and the reward for our super saving will be amazing!!! I have all the confidence in the world that we can do this! 

Dear Budget,
Prepare to be adhered to! We are going to kick some serious butt and pay off so much stuff AND finally have a down payment for a car!!! Aaaagghhh! I can't wait to see all of our hard work pay off!

Dear New Car,
I promise we are coming for you within the next 6 months! I can't wait to be able to pick you out and drive you home! 

Dear Self,
Way to go with keeping up with your healthy life decisions! You are kicking ass! Keep up all of the hard work! It will definitely be worth it in the end. 

Dear Disney World and Universal Studios Orlando,
Oh we are coming for you! Not til 2015 because we are waiting until after the new expansion to Harry Potter World is open, but we are coming. We have already set a budget and are starting to save for this trip!! I CAN NOT WAIT!!!!!!

Okay lovelies, that's all I have for today. I hope you guys all have a great weekend! 


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  1. Damnit! I forgot to enter. I have no brain lately!!!

    And you are killin' it at life lately. Kickin' ass and taking names! Great job!


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