Thursday, May 16, 2013

Bringing Sexy Back Week 8 Link Up

It's Thursday which means it is time for Bringing Sexy Back! with myself and K from Down at Fraggle Rock! Grab the button and link up and tell us how you Brought Sexy Back this week!

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I think I am really starting to get the hang of this whole healthy eating thing. Almost as if it is part of my regular life style now and not something that I am trying to change. I find myself making better decisions with my food. I am not craving fast food anymore. And when I am I usually talk myself out of it by the time I drive over there, so I just keep driving until I find something healthier. This is a huge deal for me. Fast food has always been my downfall and now that I seem to not have the appetite for it, I am really picking up steam and it feels amazing!

Since it is Week 8 which means 2 months since we started this link up, I decided it was time to share progress pictures with you guys again. I am definitely starting to see a difference. Which is awesome! And I am seeing where I need to start concentrating on more, a.k.a my mid section. So here are my progress pictures from Week 1 to Week 4 to Week 8.

Now I don't see a ton of change from Week 4, but I see a whole lot from Week 1 to now! And like I said, I am seeing where I need to concentrate more on. I really need to be doing more and more core stuff, but for some reason I just haven't wanted to. I think I am going to try my Hip Hop Abs videos out for a while and see if that helps some. And maybe throw in some good old fashion sit ups or crunches even!

Okay, so now for my measurements! I am particularly happy with this weeks measurements!

I am down another 2.2 lbs this week and 16.4 lbs overall since my heaviest weight of 232.6! And some inches came off too! Keep on dropping! I also thought it would be fun and motivating to see my overall change since last October. So here are those numbers.

WOW!!!!! When you look at it like that, I feel amazing about the progress that I have made. It may not be going as quickly as I want it to, but I am making progress nonetheless! And that feels amazing!!!

I can't even begin to tell you how much this link up has helped me with my goals. Knowing that I have to report something every week has really made me hold myself accountable and has really helped me change my ways. Now, do I still have a slip up now and then? Absolutely! I am human, but I feel like I am on my way to making more positive changes in my life! And I am loving that feeling!

Okay, now for some goals for the week. Continue with my healthy eating and tracking of my food and continue my workouts at the gym and after work walks with my friend. Also, I definitely need to introduce more core workouts into my other workouts this week! It just needs to happen! I am still trying to accomplish being down to 210 by next Saturday! Yikes! I don't know that it is going to happen, but I can still keep pushing for it! And of course I need to keep up with drinking lots of water and I want to start doing the stairs at work more often again!

Okay guys, that is all for today's link up! Don't forget to head on over to K's blog and see how she did this week too! 

How did you guys do this week? We wanna know!



  1. Woo hoo! Kicking ass girl!

  2. You can definitely see a difference!!! Wooo!

  3. You're doing awesome!!!! Slow and steady is the way to keep it off, too!! Great job!

  4. Wow, so impressed, you're looking great!! Keep up the good work girl!


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