Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Cross It Off The List

Last week I told you guys that we crossed one of the items off of our summer project list. Well, I FINALLY took some pictures of the finished product this weekend, so I can finally share with you guys what we did!

With the weather being so freaking nice two weekends ago, I decided early on in the week that I wanted to get some yard work done. And since the bushes that I already hated in the front of the house were definitely dead after the winter, I decided it was a perfect weekend to get those suckers out of there. 

I planned on making the Hubby do the whole thing, but I am not the type of person to just stand by and watch, so of course I got in there and helped out too! So we headed out to the front yard to get started. We decided that we should probably cut the bushes down to the smallest possible stumps that we could so that it would be easier to dig them out. 

And of course we didn't have the tools that we needed to do this. No joke we were out there for a little while using a circular saw(don't laugh) to try and cut these things down. The Hubby finally got tired of it and decided to go pick up some shears from Home Depot. By the time he got back, I had 2 of the 4 bushes cut down. But when I got those shears in my hands, it took me maybe 5 minutes to get the other two cut down. They didn't stand a chance!

And now for the fun part. Digging the damn things up! Talk about a pain in the ass, holy crap! Who knows how long those bushes have been there, because those roots went down super deep! Yikes! It took us a good two hours to get two of them dug up. And after that, we were pretty much spent. So we decided to wait to dig the other two up the next day.

On Sunday morning, we got up super early and got to work digging the other two up. It definitely didn't take as long to dig up the other two. Thankfully. But it definitely was still a struggle, especially since we were still pretty spent from the day before. 

After we dug up all the stumps and filled the dirt back in, it was time to move some river rock from this pile in the backyard to the front so that we could cover up where the bushes were. This took a while to do, but I am glad that we did it. It looked so much better after we did this. 

So here are the before and afters.

I personally think it looks better, but that might be because I hated those bushes so much. And considering that they didn't make it through the winter, they didn't look green like in the before pictures. They were this ugly brown and they just looked awful 

What's sad is that I look at the picture of the house last summer when we bought it and I look at the yard now and I hate that the grass isn't as pretty. Part of it is because we had a pretty cold April, but the other thing is that we can only water two days a week, which is frustrating. I just hope that we get lots of moisture soon so that our grass will look like that again!

Well, that is what we crossed off our summer project list. As far as manual labor goes, that was one of the harder things to get done, so I am glad that we did it. And the best part, we only spent $23 on this project for the shears! Yes! I love when projects are cheap!

Okay, that's all I have for today. I hope your Tuesday is awesome! Have a great day everyone!



  1. Looks good. Are you going to get something else to fill in the spot?

  2. Looking good! Want to come do mine? :-D

  3. Yay for crossing something off your to do list. Love getting projects like that done!!

  4. Nice job! We have some hideous bushes in front of our house but I'm afraid to get rid of them - I think they've been there forever and the roots are really deep!! Re-doing our siding is on the list so perhaps after they get trampled, we'll finally have the courage to just rip them out. Will you guys plant something else there?


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