Monday, May 13, 2013

Prayers for Noel's Family

I was going to do a weekend recap for you guys, but this seemed more important to get out there today. 

A couple of weeks ago I told you guys about my friend's little girl Noel and how she was only expected to live a few hours. Well Friday she celebrated her 2 week Birthday! Which was amazing according to the diagnosis they gave her before she was born. It was a miracle and that is the only way that it can be explained. 

I write this next sentence with an incredibly heavy heart. On Saturday, Noel was having a hard time breathing, so the Hospice Nurse gave her some morphine to ease her breathing pains and within an hour of her receiving the morphine, Noel passed away. The Lord took her to be with him. Heaven now has a beautiful new angel. 

In the two weeks that Noel was here on Earth, she had nothing but love and faith surrounding her. She reached so many people and impacted their lives, many of those people are those that do now even know her parents. She restored faith in others, including myself. She is a true testament to what the power of prayer can do and how God uses us in ways that we can't even imagine. God has used this little girl to help restore faith in others, and I have a feeling that he isn't done with little Noel. Her story will continue to reach and impact so many. 

Please send your thoughts and prayers to this amazing family. They are a truly incredible family and I can't even imagine what they are going through at this time. But all we can do is offer our prayers and hope that they find peace and comfort during this difficult time. And if any of you feel so inclined and are able to do so, but don't feel that you have to, a fund has been set up to help this family cover the costs of the care that Noel received and also to cover funeral costs. You can find that HERE.

Thank you everyone who has sent your well wishes and prayers this families way. They are appreciated more than you could ever know. 



  1. :( Praying for everyone who will be missing this little baby.


  2. Praying and keeping them close in my thoughts. I hope they can find some peace in the turmoil soon.

  3. So very sad but I'm happy they had 2 weeks to spend w/ their baby - not enough but more then they had expected. Praying for them.


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