Friday, February 20, 2015

Five on Friday

Happy Friday!!! For only having to work four days this week, it sure did feel like it took forever for Friday to get here. Anyone else have that same feeling? Let's get to some Five on Friday. 

1-It's Leg Day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited for my session with my trainer tonight. We are going to max out on my squats and I am seriously hoping that I can hit over 200 lbs! I'm ready to go beast mode! 

2-They are calling for us to get 20"+ of snow over the next few days and I am struggling to believe it. I love the snow and I seriously hope that it does happen, but usually when they call for a big storm, we get nothing. One thing is for sure, my ass is getting my grocery shopping done tonight instead of tomorrow when it is supposed to start hitting us. 

3-Last weekend the Hubs decided that he didn't want his new Fitbit ChargeHR anymore. He realized that tracking his calories and all of that fun stuff really isn't that important to him. So guess who got a two week old ChargeHR?! Yep, me!! I freaking love it. It is so much better than my Flex and I love that it has a display on it so I am not constantly having to check my stats on my phone. 

4-Ed Sheerhan tickets go on pre-sale on Monday for his show at Red Rocks this summer and I have decided that I need to go. I love listening to that boy sing. And seeing him live would be freaking amazeballs! Here's to hoping that the tickets aren't too expensive! 

5-It's carb day!!!!!!!!! I always forget how much I love carbs until I go 10 days with very few of them. I have already had way too many today probably, but it's my one day where I get them, so I'm not going to feel sorry about it. Nope, not even for the delicious Red Velvet Oreo Truffle I just ate a few minutes ago. Worth it!!! 

Have a great weekend everyone!! 


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