Friday, February 27, 2015

Five on Friday

It's finally Friday! Although technically yesterday was my Friday as I am not working today because I am attending my Zumba Certification Training!! Yay!!! But it is still Friday in the real world and so here is my Five on Friday. 

1-I tried to get Ed Sheeran tickets when they went on pre-sale on Monday. Ha! Yeah, that didn't work out. No joke I sat in the virtual waiting room for 20 minutes before it finally let me in and then by that time, there weren't any tickets left. So I guess I will just have to try my luck for when they actually go on sale to everyone. 

2-Work was insane this week. But I'm not complaining about it because it kept me busy. And above all else, I am thankful that I have a job. Even though it was insanely busy, I have a job. And some people can't say that. 

3-I may or may not be making plans for when I go to Salt Lake City at the end of June to make sure that I go to In N Out Burger. I have never been to one before and when I realized that they had one in SLC, I knew I would have to plan on going. So yeah, I will be making that stop happen. 

4-I can't believe I am about to say this, but I am getting tired of the snow. We got about a foot last weekend and have been getting more off and on this past week. I am ready for some warm weather and some sunshine. I'm going crazy not being able to get outside. I can't even imagine how you guys are feeling up in the North East part of the country. 

5-Is football back yet??!!!!!!!!!!! I miss it! I hate how short the season is and how long you have to wait in between seasons. It's torture! 

There you have it. My Five on Friday. Hope everyone has a great weekend! 


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