Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Weigh-In Wednesday

Happy Hump Day everyone! 

It's Wednesday and I have decided that I definitely want to keep up with my Weigh-In Wednesday posts. Even though I am at a point where I only have another 5 lbs or so to lose, I think it really does help hold me accountable. And I need that right now. 

For the last eight days I have been doing ketosis again. For those that don't know what that is, it is a low carb cycle diet. So lots of protein, good fats and only 35 g of net carbs.  I am on day nine right now of 10 and I am doing really well with it actually. It has helped to get me back on track with my eating and I have felt amazing these past two weeks. It's crazy how much the way you are eating can affect your mood and just how you feel in your own body overall. Friday I will get to carb up and then Saturday I will go back to doing the ketosis again for seven days. I am trying to lose those last few lbs and this seems to be the only thing that helps jump start my weight loss once I have hit a plateau. 

My workouts have been pretty consistent. I am in such a great routine now and I love it. I am still lifting three to four times a week. I am attending Zumba at least twice a week and then I usually have one day that I either use as a rest day (which almost never happens) or I go hiking or something of that nature. And here soon I will be starting Spring softball, so that will consume my Wednesday nights. I'm really looking forward to it actually. 

Currently I am sitting at 153 lbs. So I am technically up 3 lbs from my lowest weight, but considering I hit that weight when I was dog sick with a 24 hour flu bug and couldn't hold anything down except water and Gatorade, I am pretty okay with only being up 3 lbs. My ultimate goal is to be around 145-147, so that when my weight fluctuates from time to time I will still be right around 150. I'm hoping the ketosis will do it's thing and I will get there with this next seven day cycle. 

One more thing for you today. I wanted to share something incredibly awesome that happened yesterday. I wrote yesterday about how I hit 185 lbs on my squats on my own on Saturday. I have been completely stoked about this ever since it happened. Well yesterday I was leaving my Zumba class when I got a text message from my personal trainer. In this text he was telling me about how one of his clients that day was telling him about how she watched a girl squat 185 lbs with perfect form at the gym on Saturday morning. And then she told him that after that she started doing lunges with 40 lb dumbbells like a beast. After hearing this and knowing what gym both of us go to, my trainer laughed a little bit and said "Yep, that's Megan!" This lady had seen me working out on Saturday and was very impressed by what I was capable of. 

I was blown away. After reading the text I got the biggest smile on my face. It's one thing to know how hard you work and what you are capable of and be proud of it. But when someone else notices how hard you are working and what you are capable of and are genuinely impressed, it is an awesome feeling!  And one that has totally made my week!


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  1. You're killing it! Hope you hit your goal! I know you are so close but it always feels better when you finally do it! Keep at it girl!


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