Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Refresh VoxBox

A while back I got an email from Influenster. You know, the one we are all hoping comes, telling us that we have been selected for their latest VoxBox?! Yeah, that one! I was pretty excited. I had been selected to receive the Refresh VoxBox.

Fast forward to a few weeks later and it arrived at my house with all kinds of goodies in it! 

Upon opening it I found the following items:

-Beanitos Chips
These were delicious! I have since found them at my local stores and have bought more! Yum!!! 


-Skinnygirl Nutrition Bar
This was pretty good too. The calorie count was pretty good and the flavor was great too. Only problem is that I haven't been able to find them at any of the stores near me. Bummer! 

 -A Honey Peel Off Mask from Montagne Jeunesse
-Shea Butter Light Comforting Cream from L'Occitane
I haven't tried the Honey Peel Mask yet, but only because I have finally found a great balance of products that are helping with my breakouts from all of the sweat from working out, so I don't want to mess with that right now. I did however try the Comforting Cream from L'Occitane and really liked it. It is light weight and easy to apply. And a little goes a long ways! 

-Listerine Freshburst Pocketpaks
-Dentek Comfort Clean Floss Picks
-Dentek Fun Flossers
I have pretty much used all of these except for the kid flossers. But don't you worry, I will at some point, haha! I was already using these type of products, so I knew what I was getting and was very happy to have more in my purse. Especially for those days when everything decides to get stuck in your teeth! Or you breath smells. Ain't nobody got time for that! 

-Covergirl Ultra Smooth Foundation + Applicator
I was a little reluctant to try this because well at first I thought it was too dark for my complexion. And I am not a huge fan of liquid foundation. I hate how heavy it feels on my face sometimes. But I did try it and I was actually quite surprised with it. It went on really light and airy and it actually ended up being the right shade for me. I'm not as white as I used to be apparently! YESSSSS!!! And I really liked the applicator. It made it go on smooth and cleaned right off afterwards. 

 -And a coupon for a free Orgain Organic Protein Shake
I was able to look up where this product was sold and found that they sold them at Vitamin Shoppe, which we have a few of here in Colorado. So I went to my nearest one and redeemed my coupon for the one flavor and shake that I could have. It had a good amount of protein and was really low carb, which was great. I was pretty excited to try it after my workout. I shouldn't have been that excited because it was absolutely disgusting. I have never tasted such a horrible protein shake in my life. I was only able to take two sips before I couldn't handle it anymore. I threw it away. The other down side to this product is that it has to stay refrigerated. And if I were to use it for a post workout protein shake, I wouldn't have a way to store it and keep it cold. Luckily I had an ice pack with me the day I bought this, but it was still disgusting either way. I will definitely not be purchasing anymore of these. 

Minus the gross protein shake, it was a great VoxBox. I got to try some new items that I can actually incorporate into my healthy lifestyle, and that is always a win for me. 

*I received these products as compliments of Influensters to test and review. And all opinions are my own!*


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