Friday, February 18, 2011

Less Than Jake

As a Valentine's Day gift for the soon-to-be hubby, I bought us tickets to go see one of his favorite bands, Less Than Jake. If you haven't heard of them, they are a Ska band from Gainesville, FL. They are such a killer band to go see live. They constantly keep you entertained. Anyways, we went and saw them last night. It was a blast. There were so many things going on while we were there though that it was ridiculous. There was a couple in the back fighting at one point. The band even singled them out and made them come on stage. The girl of course wouldn't but the guy was all for it and even did a shot onstage with the band. I think his girlfriend was pissed!!! Haha! At one point we saw a guy come out of the pit that was bleeding from above his eye. It was pretty gross! Oh, and there was this high school couple there who had a fake baby, like the ones that they give you in homec. Aran and I thought it was real at first because you really couldn't tell unless you were standing like two feet away. I was ready to call social services on these two before I knew it was fake. Haha! But they were carrying this fake baby around in a chest carrier and they even took the fake baby into the pit. Once they were done in the pit, they were trying to listen to it and they were saying "Is it crying?" Ummm, yeah! I'm sure it was! It would be interesting to see the readouts for that baby for that night. Haha! I'm sure that they majorly failed that assignment.

We had such an awesome time last night that I thought I would share with you guys. Something interesting about Aran and I is that we love concerts. We have been to so many together. This one was definitely up there on my list of faves, but I think my all time favorite would have to be the No Doubt and Paramore concert, with The Offspring and Paramore concert coming in at a close second. We both love music and really enjoy seeing some of our favorites live. Well, I should probably get back to work. Haha! Thanks for letting me share my night out story with you.

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