Saturday, February 5, 2011

Shopping and Snow!

Something exciting happened today! It snowed! Yay! And it actually snowed quite a bit for a change. I guess all that praying that I have been doing to the snow gods is working. Haha! Today I also went cake shopping with my sister-in-law Cassie and my nieces. We went shopping for stuff for my fiancĂ©es birthday cake. Keeping my nieces away from all of the breakable stuff in the stores was a task in itself.  I would tell you what the cake is going to look like, but it is a surprise and in the off chance that he may read this, I better not say what it is. But we had a fun day, even though I haven't been feeling good. This weather is messing with my sinus'. But we went to Michael's and bought a few things and then we went to this place called Kandy Kastle. They have the coolest stuff in that store. I will definitely be going back. We will be making the cake this week so when it is done and I have shown Aran, I will post some pics so that you guys can see it. Hopefully it turns out as well as we are wanting it to, but who knows because I am not a professional and it may look awful. We had fun shopping for everything though . After we did all of our shopping we took my nieces to McDonald's for lunch and so that they could play in the Play Place. It was really fun watching the girls run around and play with the other kids. It was a good day with my family. Now if I could just get rid of this crappy cold that I have now, life would be perfect! Haha! Keep an eye out for cake pictures within the next week!

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