Wednesday, February 2, 2011


Brrrrrr!!!!!! That is what has been on my mind the past two days. It has been so cold here the past two days. I mean below zero cold. Yesterday I believe it was -8 out but with the windchill it was like -31!!! Let me repeat that, -31!! Can you believe that? I think it was warmer in Alaska yesterday than it was here. Today isn't as bad. There isn't as much wind so it was only -7 I think. Haha! My car barely started yesterday and today because of how cold it was. And apparently my work doesn't believe in heaters, so our entire staff had to freeze our butts off yesterday and today. I didn't take my coat off all day yesterday and I know that I wasn't the only one who stayed bundled up. I just wish that we would get some massive amounts of snow with some of this cold weather, but no such luck on that one. Fingers crossed for tomorrow though, apparently we are supposed to get some more snow. Yay!

Nicole, Alex, Lacey, and Me playing in the snow on our day off-
Sophomore Year ~ January 2008
I never thought that I would love snow after four years at college. The college that I went to was in a mountain town and the first year that I was there we didn't really get that much snow. However my second, third and fourth year are a different story.
My sophomore year we got so much snow that you couldn't even get your car out of the parking lots at the on campus apartments. It was crazy. I think it snowed like three feet within a day. Needless to say, they cancelled classes for a few days, which was okay by me. My friends and I went sledding for a few hours and then spent the remainder of the days digging out cars in the parking lots so that we could move them to a different lot that had already been plowed and so that eventually they could plow our lot.

Yes, there is a car under there!
Sophomore Year ~ January 2008
It took us hours to dig out all of our cars. We were out there
shoveling and pushing cars for hours. But we had a blast. Now my Junior year, we didn't get as much snow as the previous year, but we still got quite a bit. My senior year of college I think we got the most snow. We didn't have classes on Wednesday afternoon, and all day Thursday and Friday! It was awesome! My friend Lacey and I played in the snow quite a bit that year. We had bought snow pants and everything so that we wouldn't freeze our buts off. We built a snowman and we also had to dig our cars out again. They were burried and it took us a really long time  but we had a blast doing it!
The mountain of snow that had piled up from the plows
Sophomore Year ~ January 2008
Now, a lot of people may ask why I hated the snow when I was in college since the stories I just told were, well fun! Well the answer to that is that it always managed to snow on weekend when I was supposed to be going home to visit my family and my boyfriend or when they were supposed to be coming to see me. I mean it never failed. And with being in a mountain town, there were two good size mountain passes that I had to go over to get home and a lot of times they were closed, so you can see now why I hated it. I mean don't get me wrong, I was glad that classes were cancelled from time to time, but I didn't like it so much when it stood in the way of me seeing my family or my boyfriend. Haha! But needless to say, I do like the snow now that I don't have to travel in it and I have been praying that we would get a lot of it this year, but it isn't looking that way. Oh well! Maybe next year! Enjoy some more pictures below of my past snow days!

My car in the process of being dug out
Senior Year ~ January 2010

My friends car in the process of being dug out
Senior Year ~ January 2010

Me playing around in the snow
Senior Year ~ January 2010

Beautiful view of the all of the snow and the mountains
Senior Year ~ January 2010

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  1. Omg...I can't believe the snow was that bad....I totally forgot that it was that bad. Haha i look chemo in that picture with the beenie.hah


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