Thursday, August 16, 2012

Fantasy Football for Bloggers, Say What?

Hey everyone! I have something really cool to share with you. Most of you probably know that Football season is upon us and I am so excited. Football season is one of my favorite times of the year for several reasons. One of those reasons is because of Fantasy Football.

My family has our own Fantasy Football league every year. We mainly compete for bragging rights, but we also enjoy the smack talk and it is just a lot of fun. Now onto the something really cool part. Erin over at Love, Fun and Football has set up a Fantasy Football team just for us bloggers. That's right, it is a Fantasy Football league for all of us bloggers to compete against each other. Sounds like a freaking blast right?

As soon as I read her post about it, I immediately signed up. And now, I am going to ask that you think about partaking in the awesomeness that is Fantasy Football. So think about it and if you want more details about it and how to sign up, head on over to Erin's blog and check it out.

I hope to see you guys in the league soon! And don't forget to share this with other bloggers, because Erin is trying to get as many people to sign up as possible. Have a great day everyone!


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  1. I love Fantasy Football too!! It makes following football so much more fun, ha! I just signed up, can't wait for a great season :)


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