Monday, August 20, 2012

Weekend Recap

Well, it's Monday. Oh joy! And I am already telling Friday to hurry the heck up and get here. It is going to be a long week, I have a feeling.

This past weekend was a little hectic again, but it was fun. Friday afternoon I left work around 2:30 to go pick up this adorable little girl from her first day of Kindergarten...

My Niece, MaKenzi

She is getting so big so fast. I keep telling her to quit growing, but she just won't. She absolutely loved Kindergarten and is even looking forward to going back today. Whoa! A kid that likes school, haha! I am so proud of her. 

I spent the rest of the afternoon and evening hanging out with my family. We had dinner and watched a little bit of football and then I headed home.

Saturday I didn't get up until 10:30 which was a small victory for me considering that I have two kitties that love to annoy the crap out of me in the mornings until I get up and feed them. Well they did this Saturday morning too, but I kicked them out of the room. I will not let them train me, haha! I win!

I had no plans for Saturday so after I had a huge bowl of cereal I decided to have a Harry Potter marathon. About half way through the first movie, I got a call from my Sister-In-Law saying that my oldest niece wanted to go get her ears pierced.  Her younger sister had already got hers pierced and after much thought on her part she had finally decided to get hers done. Well, I had made her a deal a while back that if she wanted to get her ears pierced, I would go and get mine done too so that she could see that it didn't hurt. So after getting ready pretty quick, I was off to the mall to meet them at Claire's. 

She was pretty excited at first, and then this younger girl went before her and cried so much after getting one done that MaKenzi freaked out, but luckily we were able to calm her down and I got mine done and showed her that I didn't cry so she was ready (that is piercing number 15 if anyone is counting.)

The very top one is the newest piercing

The before picture

She picked out some Hello Kitty earrings and was ready to go. She wanted me to sit in the chair with her so I did. She sat in my lap and they marked where they were going and after the okay from Mom, they had a second person come over so that we could do both ears at once. There was no way in H E double hockey sticks that we were going to let them do them one at a time. And good thing we didn't because as soon as they counted to three and pierced her ears she let out a big "Owww!" and then immediately burst into tears. Poor thing! After a little while she eventually quit crying though and now she loves that she has her ears pierced. She already wants to buy more earrings. Such a girl!

The after picture

After the ear piercing fun, I went home and the Hubby and I went to dinner and then walked around Bed Bath & Beyond, where we spent way too much money. Oops! 

Sunday was pretty uneventful. I didn't get up until 10:30 again (haha kitties! I win again) and proceeded with my Harry Potter Marathon. After the second movie we went and bought a shredder so we could shred at least two years worth of mail and then we did some grocery shopping and then we came home. The rest of our Sunday was spent watching Harry Potter and shredding the last two years of credit card offers. Holy bajeesus, there was a lot of them. 

Overall it was a great weekend. And I finally finished that project that I was working on last weekend. I will have a separate post up about that later this week. I hope that you guys had a great weekend. I know that I can't wait until the next one, that is for sure!


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