Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Rylei Watch

Remember how I told you guys a few weeks ago that I was going to be an Aunt again? Well, the time is getting closer. My Sister-In-Law is due in less than three weeks and if her first two pregnancies are any indication of how things will go, little miss Rylei should be making her debut within the next week or so.

So Rylei watch begins today! My SIL has an appointment today and as of last week she was already dilated to 5cm so we will see where she is at today. I am starting to get really excited to meet my new niece. I can't wait to see what she looks like. And I can't wait to see my nieces faces when they meet their new sister!

My Brother and I are hoping that she has her today or if not, we have told her that she has to at least wait until Sunday. Why? Well, we have tickets to the Rodeo at the State Fair on Saturday and included with our tickets is a concert. That concert just happens to be Thompson Square and we are super excited about it. All of us! So we have told her that if she doesn't have her today, that she has to at least wait until Sunday so that we can all go to the concert on Saturday. We realize how horrible we are, no need to tell us, haha!

Bottom line though, no matter when little miss Rylei comes, we will be thrilled. We can't wait to meet her. So Rylei, hurry up and get here so we can meet you. Your Aunt Megan is very impatient(along with everyone else in the family) so the sooner, the better!


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  1. Lol. I know what it's like hoping a baby arrives when planned. My poor friend Julia whose baby I was supposed to be visiting in NY tomorrow is still pregnant (so that's a no go) and my soon-to- be sister in-law is due shortly after our wedding, so we're hoping for a late one there. :) Either way, yay for the new arrivals! Congrats!


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