Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Life after Wedding Recaps

Holy crap! Just hit me that I have to actually start blogging about real stuff again, haha! The wedding recaps took up so much time that I forgot how to be a real blogger and write about real stuff, haha! No worries though! I have tons of stuff going on in the next few months that will provide some great topics for blogs!

Sometime over the next five weeks or so I am going to be an Aunt again!! My Brother and his Wife are expecting their third little girl, Rylei in the beginning of September, but knowing my sister-in-law and how her body is with pregnancy, little Rylei will be here before then. I can't wait. I can't wait to see what she looks like. And I am hoping that everything will work out so that I can actually be in the room when she is born.

Also, since we did just buy our house, we are in the middle of decorating it. Pinterest has become my new best friend for this very reason. I can't wait to finish some of our projects so that I can show you before and after pictures!

I also have some really BIG news to share with you guys! And before you start thinking it, NO, I AM NOT PREGNANT!! The news is that the Hubby got a new job!!! Yay! Not only will it be paying more, but it will be a great new experience and environment for him! I am so proud of him and I know that he is going to love it!

And last but not least, our honeymoon is finally approaching. We are going in early October, so it is getting closer and closer and I can't wait! I have never been to Disney World or to Universal Studios and I feel like a little kid lately with how excited I have been getting. Agghhhh! Can't wait!

That's all I have for today guys. Hopefully I will be able to get back into the swing of things quickly. Hope everyone is having a great Tuesday!


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  1. Yay for new jobs and babies! How exciting!


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